Wednesday, December 22, 2010

yesterday was LOCO!!!!

              .:bismi ta3allah:.


wuz good peopls!?? Asalamon 3leikom :)

sho akhbarak :)

anyway whoo, i been depressed lately, actually i was soooo depressed really didnt know what to do. but now i am still a lil' depressed but less ... yesterday i went an treated maself to a got ma hair did. cut it.shoppin spreee , spa, make up . got ma nails did bought wateva i wanted droped a G @ da mall, shoppin hahaha bahahah. yea i did it. i felt a lil betta after... but got home earlier today an omg ma rooms a mess an am soooo depress again. i was invited to go potlock with the muslimah girls today;.. but subhan'Allah i don think i can.. i was supose to go an do henna designs and naqsh on them hands u kno?? i love doin that.. but i donno if it will work... u know... ps ...

ya i do these things but like i gotta post ma pix soon!!! i need time!!! i donno how to use ma new comp lol its complicated!!! i have to put all ma fotos an pix an videos an music from itouch iphone celly on it!!!! plus i wana pit these blogspot on it so ppl dont steal it!! lol

omg i jus had the sweetest thing happen to me,, these days all my friends co workers an ppl in the mall is like handing me free stuff or giving me gifts and hedias sooo super nice. i feel soo good. well at the mall i walking around and like persian ppl all know each other. and they gave me persian shirini an sweets like wives made :) the owners they are sooo sweet :) u kno ?? it made ma day...

ok ill start out ma day by sayin what i did from yesterday lol ;)


only if i dont forget it lol

here we goo

so the night before yesterday i was super depress i did not sleep well u see.. i didnt sleep at all... i jus sat around... crying.. wallahe i was sooo depress...

so i had made apointment cut ma hair 2 days earlier for tuesday at 2 pm... honestly i couldnt wait. i hadent brushed ma hair. had no time for nada it was all like bad an like a broom all rough an bad lookin... made ma upset

aw she is adorable... :) masha'Allah

yup i got naturaly real curly hair lol chk out the obama shot lol

ya exactly how i felt... u c...

anyways so i just felt like shaving my head but everyone said ill regret it and talked me out of it...i was even gonna shave it jus on side lol and make designs like stars an stuff u know???

 obvisouly not like dat... like smaller.. and i hav curly curly naturaly and also jet black real natural color.

omg sooo cute even will smith daughter jada smith (his wife ) is did it.. she is sooo adorable i donno y ppl hating yo!!! i aint seen her video but ... o well... flip m hair* lol

thats kiesha cole hmmm love her too. awsomeness that looks sooo bomb :) kinda like dat except less.. but i kno since ma hair takes a milli yrs to grow an never shows an it be like a baby afro lol (i aint doin mistake i did in high school shave it off cuz they didnt know how to take care ma hair @ da salon so it got shaved all off lol an people at school thought i was wearin a wig yo!!! omg!! they kept pullin but my hair wouldnt come off!!! daaaauuuuh!!!)

she looks sooo good :) man i love  a fooo halk hahaha id hav to hav str8 it or some.. to look like that am too lazy...

but that looks bomb too!!!

i know that hair is super important to us girls an it makes us feel good or bad about ourselves u kno.. to me for sure difintly it is cr8zy like... also if ur rooms a mess cuz like i donno is looks like a bomb exploded or some... omg i feel like i jus wanna blow maself off or shoot maself in the head 7aram i kno its jus an expression here we use . but anyways i just want y'all to know.. sometimes u gotta treat urself good ok chk it out like sheytan can catch u when u down thats when he catches u... u jus feel depress omg...and dont make u do same things everyday like change rutine.. i donno take a trip. get new job. go school. or some...
make a blog lol an join me muahhaahah


so ya were was i?? chk out cassidy when she was not shaved shes cute

wanna kno her race?? like subhan'Allah she is sooo mixed...
she is filipina, african-american (black), mexican, west-indian, chinese and jewish!!! aint that alot  nice!!

heres another fun pic of a hairstyle that i like!!! well not for doin but is fun to look at lol

its take long time huh??

anyways ill tell u what i got done wif ma hairdresser. deep conditioned treatment on ma hair, then got it washed (jus gotta tell u since i dont trust ma hair wif no one since i was like 16 i did it maself an cut it maself since is soo curly it never shows lol but ma hairdresser could tell an promised ma hair would be great :). anyways got it product in it so it loosens the curls like make it fresh an longer u kno is a conditioner that does that sweet huh?? anyways also um after (me take long time to decide on anything am capricorn ahaha it taks me a milli yrs to pick anything)like for example hair cut i think it thru a milli times ma comp i thought about ithe color of the skin a milli times... still changin hahaha ipicked purple tho now dark purple. when i get it ill post pic :) i ordered yesterday :) takes bout a week :) or so...

anyways so back to ma hair .

 so  . then i got it trimmed. i got all these beautiful products in it like the argon oil from morroco , morrocan oil :) love it !

yes i can say its good wow sooo good an smells amazin makes me happy its so good dont waste it like the access put on ur skin and like face dont wipe it off on a towel is good for scalp hair hands skin an face etc. amazing stuff!!! i swear by it. i am obsessed it even smells soo good that i love to use it as a 3oud lolol :)

 an also sublime mix by
loreal paris oil

this oil is soft u c, it is light weight yup very nice for finishin touch. i use the morrocan oil tho first. scalp an everything before i apply my hair produclt like gel or cream or cream/gel or something for curly hair.

 i guess L'Oreal has anounced J.LO as they brand :) yup she got good hair :)

and then i love pumpkin spice

but too bad this product is discontinued or as we say disco'd lol soo sad i donno why gotta do a research to see why,. but i can say it smells amazing an it was sooo lightweight cream but worked perfectly with my natural thick black curly hair!!! i cant even order it. i bought it at winners once first.. maybe i could order online ?? ok will seee....

and then i bought all the products i wanted to also makes me happy ma hair is VERY important like i said. i have never EVER died ma hair only added color extensions u c . i don wana damage it once when i was like 15 or some 14 maybe i relaxed it to have str8 hair STUPID!! damage ma hair sooo bad!! the chemicals burned me :( sooo just buy a good  hair str8ner and do it i got now..

yes ! 1-1/4 inch and Mini flat iron Set
 see it comes with hair clip also little str8ner for bands an short parts closer to head an the actualy one nice is thin not to big so it concentraits on actualy hair strand it goes as high as 450

 and the little one to 410!!!

  • 100% Tourmaline plates for healthier hair and a high gloss shine
  • Temperature to 450° F
  • Far Infrared (FIR) technology locks in moisture and natural oils
  • Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip designed for professional comfort
  • Hooked end for salon professional storage and easy hanging
  • Swivel cord prevents tangling
  • 110-240 volts, 50/60Hz
  • 60 watts
  • Lifetime Warranty

anyways  it is GOOD!

so then i actualy was gonna cut it shorter but waited until next apointment jus in case .. well i did get it cut a little. and trimmed which is awsome cuz ma hair was DEAD an damaged from not brushing n not trimmin. the ends were split called split ends u see.

so anyways got ma hair thinned out u see so it is not as thick :)

so my curls are way more fresh. my hair is super nice an silky an smooth with all the oils and i feel incredible wit it that i could take care of it an manage it. an also when is shorter is less hair to brush in take care of ,. loved doin ma hair this mornin also got those um blow dryers for curly hair that the salon used on ma hair :)mines works same except mine wasonly $16 ! lol

ya with the big head. see this actually makes it possible for ur hair to dry n shine not freezy at all and looks amazin an gr8 plz if u hav curly hair dnont use regular blow drier cuz makes the hair freezy an horrible!!!

also when i str8 ma own hair with str8ner iron here is the first i use blow dryer to str8 it @ first

u see how the heads differ :) an the night before do the olive oil treatment to ur hair ok??? then u need absoutly no product after u str8 iron ur hair except when u dryin it u use some sorta heat protection??

aaaahh i love olive oil n olive itself. mmmm u can get non-alcoholic beer which is sooo good also for ur inside system like if u need to clean out ur body u drink it with fresh olives (recomended by doctor, for ex if u hav bladder problems or so, u just gotta go w/c alot hahah jus #1 tho)

sssooooooo  niceee :)

isnt this beautiful foto?? i wanna paint it !!!!! love it

beautiful pix yes i love olive oil for skin hair eatin food lol everything also balsamic vinegar an olive oil with naaan mmm..

but one thang is for sure an certain!!! olive oil in hair stanks lol it does the job but def gotta wash ur hair a bizillion time to take smell away with strong smelin shampoos like redken an KMS California style :)

oo am so glad this writing changed by its own i mean i love candy pink hot pink purple an all but u kno ma fav colors consists of black dark lack more black an more black lolol dark navy dark grey love black... u feel u actually are hidden with the crown or it makes u feel better wen u are depress or some??? but i read in a study actualy u stand out more.. but o well as long as u feel u hidden more is better. :)

to be continued...

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