Thursday, December 30, 2010

make up and Palestine trip-U FELESTINI?? then stand up 4 ur rightI!!! hollaaa


so my home grl from NY hollaz @ me and says guess what!!?? here's how the convo goes a lil bit like this...!!! (Ps LAPersia05 is moiii :)

Do u wanna look like this?? lol then read below!!! now ! Ahora! Al'An!!

these are Mac Barbies :)

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله":Hey Sis Assalamon
3leikom, am gettin loads of MAC make up , let me know if u want some.

me: Assalamou 3leichi u5ti, how u gettin 'em? Kifaak 7bbti, omg i LOVE MAC ! hehe, love make up in general :)
 (and i kno most sistaz do too jajaja)

Mac Barbie Collection.

Mac Hello Kitty Collection.

hellow kitty kitty kitty lol

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": yeah Girrl i'm getting like a whole box insha'Allah, my friend got fired from Mac and taking loads of products Lolz

me: Lmaoo

Ooo (shocked here)

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": And ofcorse we're sellin em and raising money for our Palestinian summer trip this yr insha'Allah

(nokteh: note that ma home grl is Felestini :) )

me: Not stealin tho, right!?

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": But selling really cheap
Lmao stufferallah! No Way :/


me: Lolol

Ok 7mdullah

and i hope u raise tons



"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": yeah insha'Allah spread the word in ur blog Lolz


me: ok but how i do i like em bak to u?
give ur email?
Orr so

 wow that looks sooo much fun i wanna join the Mac team hahaha amazing huh??

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Yeah Yeah Lolz
Tell em find me out

me: ok so i spread the news ppl comment n i send u email to them?

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": yeah sis, or tell em to email me and ill tell em what i have :)

me: Coo Coo

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": ok am about to go on ma comp now an make a blog for it too :)

me: ok cool
can i also say what the fundraiser is for?
and how ur frnd got fired?
i didnt know when u get fired from MAC u get free MAC make up and Products lol

Love the colors love palets love playing wif em.. jus on ma hand or paper even jus practicing tamrin :) they make me happy lookin at em.

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Yeah Lolz 'll give u the link in a min my computer is loading up

LAPersia05:  Mayb i shud go work there lolol

ok cool

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": she went to school for doing makeup and went to go work with Mac and Wallahie she made abuot 450 a day! on ppl she did makeup for soo

She started where hijab and her manager at the time i guess didn't like it and fired her so she went to the Head Office head of managers and told on her and left work and she got mad makeup

LAPersia05: That is sooo cool
can i also put the story on ma blog?
So ppl know

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Yeah Lolz thank God  she's one of ma best friends lol

LaPersia05: and the fundraiser an stuff

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Yeah but like inshallah well have enough all my friends here want some so she's coming insha'Allah next week to me and i'll c :)

LaPersia05: Nice. u said u had a link?

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Yes yes patience Lolz
my comp is a Sony
Not a Mac Book

LaPersia05: Lmao hahaha
Ur funny
i like u sis!
i Love the whole NY style Attitude :)

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Lol thanks

Me<<< Cool

on whats ur blog name sis??

waitin on it still :)

soo holla at ma girl Sistaz who want some good deal on brand new mac makeup mad sale!!!

anyways so i promised ill post it holla @ cho gal for MAc y'all mac lovers i kno u out there!!!

 do it


am out



Eve got her make up did @ mac

Eve gettin her face done

smokey eye learn open close how it looks like

hey ladies ;
the donation site is for Remembering Felestin is:
plz help
wa shokran jazeelan

Personal flag counter


holla bak youngin'

Thanks Y'all for visitin ma page!!! and jus to show respect the ones who actualy came from these countries and ma stupid flag counter took em off cuz it only allows a few flags at a time. each time i see u, i post u here till i can fix ma lil flag counter!!!! is buggin me too. i kno!!!!

1 in IQ IRAQ


1 SE SWEDEN, French Southern territories...

But damn i never assumed some one there would chk me out lolol

1 in PK Pakistan islam abad

1 in TH which is Thailand

i know iv missed a few... but u see i had no clue that this flag counter i got wasnt acurate like i thought it would keep all data but az it goes by... the more countries visit an less amount it cuts em out, but i wanna know EVEY one who sees it :) yay

i am postin more is 11:49 PM now LA time :)

here it is 

1 in DE - that took me a while to find out that it stands for Berlin lol didnt know ppl in Berlin was checkin my page out hehehe but i guess i got a few ppl in Europe checkin ma page out hehe

1 in ID which stands for Indonesia 

 wow i also get to learn stuff while doing so lol i didnt know andonesi was so close to malezi an malezi (Malaysia) was so close to singapour or as we say sangapour lol we use to go each summer for trips to singapour and qebres 9ebres or Cyprus in englisi.

i had no idea till now that Bali was in indonesia i thought it was at first in india.. then i was wrong few yrs bak then i figure it was asia in thailand but i jus figured out it is in indonesia... guess u learn some tiny facts when u search stuff countries an stuff.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I ♥ Sa3udia

flag counter!!!

real flag counter:

keep in data what i am getting lol cuz i must say some one in Nigeria checked me out but obvisouly the flag counter got filled and now....

from now on i will make ma own even if its one lol hahah

some one in PR chked me out

here we go...

PR these are in last week

hmm... i thought flag counter was acurate but if jus one person checks it out... um.. after a while they cut out the flag.

 dear diary i want u to know... that all these ppl was chekin u out.. :)

i realy wanna paint all these....

 Que lo Que mi gente, yo boy a escrivir algunas paginas o letras a ti en espaÑol completamente y tambn unas en Persa completamente. para practical mi espaÑol ta muy bn, porq yo no lo uso mucho y asi boy a olvidar todo...cuando tengo hijos yo quiero que ellos tanbn hablan la leguna!! sabe :)

de velda PR es muy lindo pais. boy a regresal un dia . yo fui caundo tenia como 14-15 aÑo cuando fui la primera vez a La Republica Dominica , alla tngo familia y desde alla fuimo a la casa de una tia que es en una isla en PR porq viven por alla....

guaaaooo bn bello... mera mera la foto..

استخاره : how to do este5are @ home

the Powers of Allah Subhane Wa Ta3ala and Qur'an al-majed

it's my NOUR AL-3iN Subhan'Allah!


so heres how u do a este5are the amature way @ home:

first u do make niat and do wudhu (purification in islam washing and cleaning urself before prayer)

and then u spread ur sajjadah an sit facing Qiblah (Direction of house of Allah(God) in Saudi Arabia)

then u make niah, then u recite surat-ol 7amd,

then u Recite surah-To7eed 3x ,

then u say salawat 14x (Allahomma sali ala Mohammaden wa 3ale Muhammad-sending prayers an blessings to prophet Mohammed and his family) 

then u ask Allah SWT or say ur inquiery to him 

then u open ur Qur'an (either regular one or the estekhare Qur'an if u have one) 

then u will read the first ayah on right page 

then ma3anee an tafseer if necessarily then u chk if good or bad or wasaT or whichever indicated like a lil good a lot good a lil bad alot bad excellent or horrible u know then u know what to do subhan'Allah.

for more info on it u read the ayah first page 9abl like before and then one forward which would always be the left page of the first one u'v opened.

insha'Allah this helped and also u are guided to right path sirat-al-mostaqeem

heres how u do a so'al from Allah SWT when u just want to ask and read Qur'an and let Qur'an and Allah SWT guide u:

make niat  first

make wudu

then u sit werever if u want on ur bed floor tekkiah or sajjadah facing Mecca, KSA

then u ask ur question or inquirey from Allah Subhana Wa Ta3ala

then u open the page

read first ayah from left page and the ma3anee an tafseer then one ayah before an one ayat after.

insha'Allah this helps u cuz it ALWAYS helps me Al7mdulillah  Wa Masha'Allah cuz i know Allah SWT loves me when he answers me like that and so fast and he is ALWAYS there for me Al7mdulillah i am always thinking about him and he is always on my minds no matter what i do or read or think hear or sea or esmel u know i always thinkin of him 7mdullah

this is how u do another type of este5are my husband told me about:

 make Wudhu

sit facing Qiblah on ur Sajjadah

Read surah al-7md (fatihah)

and then read some surahs 

ask ur so3al/inQuiry from Allah SWT Almighty

make more Du3a an prayers

later on that day Sub7an-Allah , Allah will show u and guide u and will show u by example leading how u do it what u shall do or what is going to happen

ex : The Story of Habeel and Qabeel

When Qabeel killed Habeel his own brother because he wanted to marry his wife because she was very pretty, he told Habeel he will kill him, and since Habeel didnt know what kill means he said ok. so when this happened, Qabeel after wards fel bad but had to do something with the body then Allah SWT Subhan Allah showed him what to do by the black bird Crow (kala3') SubhanAllah at that time (time of Prophet Adam and his wife Eve)  no one on this earth had died before and Qabeel had no clue wat to do wif the body. hesbiallah, Then Allah sent 2 crows that were brothers they faught infront ot Qabeel and one brother crow killed the other brother crow then he pulled his brothers body and burried it in a islamic manner.that is why we MUST burry an not cremate dead body.-"Then Allah Sent a Crow digging up the earth so that he might show him how he should cover the dead body of his brother..." Qur'an Al-Majed 5:31.

Allah Subhana Wa Ta3alla will show us what to do in place of need, cry, when we are in pain, hurting, sad, crying , basically in need he will rescuue us.insha'Allah and Al7mdulillah. That is why i love Allah soooo sooooo sooo much.

or if u want u jus ask a sheikh wich my baba is one masha'Allah and he does it with 3 others sheikhs at ther big masjid in Iran and Emirates.

Reading Qur'an does always calm me down and holding my teddybear hehehe

PS i wake up to a Tableau of al-baniekat surah and its awsome. i always read Surahs Ayahs is sooo good, and i also recently got this new tableau of the four Qol's very beautiful masha'Allah it was a hadiyah from Al-masjid to my baba and he gave it to me for Eid. Shokran Jazeelan ya BABA. my Baba Al-Sheikh

on another note,

there is this new ecuadoranian shop/ kiosk @ the mall which am diggin' last yr was el-Peruano and an i love all that cool indio stuff they bomb u kno... that calms me down

other things that quit ma stress away... hmm... hahaha actually not really am pretty wide awake and intence when i do that but i DO love doing it and desiging clothes abayas niqabs burQas an shaylas an make up an all that.

but drinkin tea and making milk vanilla Cappucino calms me down

smelling french vanilla calms me down

alright drawing painintg designing an arts an crafts an making Gamboo3'as calms me down anything to do with using my glue gun and also my gemstones an bedazelz hahaha calms me down

drinkin tea @ starbucks ... peppermint mocha Venti with whip cream an choclate drizzles like ma little curlz on ma head lol at the Persia Court at Ibn Battuta Mall calms me down :)

isnt dat soo beautiful an relaxing???

drinkin herbal an persian an arabic an indian teas

saying obviously dhikr calms me down too and makin Du3a's

ok ma3assalama