Saturday, December 11, 2010

lost my dress :'( Sniff Sniiifff "a single tear drop came out"

Bismi ta3alla

assalamon 3leichi

wow what a day it was nuts at work awalan! wa thanian (2ndly) i am kinda sad that i lost my dress i bought at TJ MAX in CA 19.99 $ USD and it was awsome it went well under my 5aleegy 3abayat and it was sooo cool red flowers at the bottom it was a maxi dress originally $80+tax. So u can imagine how i feel. last time i used it was to Salat--Al jom3ah prayer and since then i cant find it. i slept over my manzel 5aleh the other night an i cant find it :( actually tear drop comes out :'(. like my tear drop necklace my Sa3udi baba got me in IRAN :) VIVA IRAN and ABADAN wa BANDAR ABBAS wa Qeshm hehehe wa Abu Mussa.(now thats another post about the confusion of Abu Mussa Jazirah and also the benefits of being born there which gives u both the ability to be Emarati and IRani @ same time, now how awsome is that?!! Masha'Allah. my Kids are gonna be born there hehehe , cant wait till 7bb finishes madresah and gets a sho3'l :) i will be excited for that. Walla...anywhoo back to my story, i dont even know how i got here)

2 of my bestfriends are having dilemmas and i am ignoring both and i dont wanna get involved in the maritial issues , one of the girl's husband is lookin for a second wife and its my other 7bbti frnd and i don wanna  get involve it has nothing to do with me the a5bar heard here stays here cuz wallah i don wanna know anything so i stay away, am not sayin i lost both frnds , cuz i didnt , i jus chose to stay away stray away until this whole mess gets better. since the 1st wife just became 7ameleh and is u know not in the best mood. but watever all that is between them an Allah Subhana wa Ta3ala.

So we are in the shahr Muharram and its amazing. i am definitly gonna Siam for it since is one of the chosen few months, Allah SWT choses what he desires to be good or bad, and Sub7an Allah, This wholey month is a especial month because we what counts as something sin 7aram u do this month is doubles and the penalty for it is worse and the good u do in this month is doubled also. so u pay Sada9ah is good and do good dids is also amazingly good and Allah apriciates it. stay away from Shayateen and Sheitan is what u need to do.

omg my bday is coming up and yes am a CapricorÑa muahahah

 awsomeness yup me and that girl who use to b best frnds and we called each other "mi Amor" she knows who she is and she ignores me now best frnds after 11 yrs and she gives up a friendship jus because my 3qd's best frnd (This Sa3udi guy) rejected and didnt wanna marry her, 7esbiAllah, Ya Allah why would u stop being frnds with some one for that ??!!??! then she became 7assoud that i was 3qd thru masjid and she wasnt... Walla i donno what to do with these girls no mo!!!

بأيّة حال  ,nothing more that i could do in this case u know??  hal ta3lam??

oh well... i will jus have to brush it off my shoulder i am stronger that that.

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