Thursday, December 16, 2010

i just found out...


Asalamon 3leichi ya u5tizzzz!!!

muhahaha so i jus found out the other day (the day i posted all those goat pix hahaah) what my Capricorn Sign picture of Animal Was muahahahh o my i mean i had no clue in english it was called Goat muhahaha i mean i love Goat meat Goat cheese and all but ya didnt know

Bandari maman wif her Goat, or is it me? bahaha am jus playin, i b dressin all fly 'n' ish in ma sweet ni9ab Bandari ye ye :) u b thinkin am goin to a patogh but hellzz no this mama is married an happy :)

ok and so on an forth with my list i go on an on an on...

i just found out our Doctor is leaving us for a new Practice she bought all hers masha'Allah i wish her all the best insha'Allah if Allah wants or desires i will land a new shoghl wif her!!! insha'Allah i am oh so hoping so!!! and then i could go school night time also like night classes.

i am sooo workin on a few tableau's. i know am supose to post pix tons of my art... just getting use to this new comp it takes me a while to break into things and really get a gest of it... but will see insha'Allah.... i am still debating if i should keep my white silverish grey VAIO Sony Labtop or traded in an upgrade it to the pink one. except pink one dont got no white keyboard which i love. and i don mind it shows an gets dirty sometime... anywhoo.. also i cant decide between white and purple.with white flowers design or pink.... cover ...welll not quite is not a cover is like a custom made skin for ur computer... the cover am definitly getting white or hot pink no doubt

i just found out i was totally 3ined @ the Aqiqah i went to the other day , o my o my, i mean Wallahe i went in all happy an energetic and then ya Allah i return to my 5aleh's house and i was all like real tired and sick all of a sudden i mean o my... it was some differ and then i said some Ayahs and Dhikr and Surahs and  my husband burned some ba5our like espand and also we said some more dhikr and i went sleep, even next day all of it i was sick i just slept ... it was nuts...

 mmmmm ba5our sooo good smell except ma zowji gets head ache i think he jus being a wuss i get mad but i REALLY have to watch it when hes around/// cuz don wan make him mad but when he aint there the whole house kishen baÑo erewere smell like bu5ur hehehe yup das right!!!
 mmmm u can jus imagine the smell right now the cloth an fabric smell of it hehehe
 isnt this an awsome foto? it was total accident but i jus HAD to post it is actually quite beautiful. love ma new laptop i don make too much typo mistakes while typin and 7mdulillah i don wanna jjinx it 3ind it nazr it cheshm nazanam , it wont let me type bad or erases txt omg how awsome. love u Allah SWT.
 u cant c 2 much from the miror refleccion 7mdullah. :) ALLAh must really loves me. i still need a leard how to post names an my stamp on ma pix jus incase nobody like.. u kno steals em 7aramis is full up in here in this internet bizz.

i mean few months ago i went Tehran, Iran after LOOONG time and Sub7an'Allah i got 3ined sooooo bad i was sick one whole week for no reason it was soooo cr8zy alot of people look with bad 3in (eyes) to my Sheikh Baba , Yes masha'Allah he is a shei5 and like walking with him alot of girls and ladies came up to my baba and told him that he should burn me some espand esfand Ba5our that he should say Do3'a and Dhikr and he didnt and they 3ined me .

when we went my grandmother (baba's maman mamani) manzel in the village i was soooo sick and i couldnt even touch her o so famous macaronaaaa mmmm (spaghetti macaroni Persian style) o so good and i soooo miss it now insha'Allah i will return sometime soon!!!

معكرونه بالبشاميل


 omg i made it the other night (well 5 days ago to be exact lololol, but omg i finished it all and am super upset cuz jus lookin at that foto makes me mouth waster ay Dio Mio totally want some now like Al3an right now!!, is like 6:20AM en el sob7 and am super hungy and miss my 5aleh Aminah :'( totally want her breakfast or anything lol macarona bashamel o anyhting man am super stoked get to sleep over at her house maÑana hollaaaaa :) go al-Masjid Al-Iman on Jom3ah sob7 :) for 5oTbah and then Salat Al-Dhuhr. am super stocked an excited cuz i couldnt go like few weeks now.

in a few hours i have Sa3udi Girl Club meeting... but am not even ready cuz i havent slept all night 

i look like this now!!

but i need to like wake up u know hahaha i mean go kishen and make breakfast eat something u know???

but thats jus lazy bum mee hahaha "moi"

so i should be gettin up an lookin like this cuz gota Saudi Club Girls meetin hahaha

wif ma Gamboo3a an erethang i don go out without a Gamboo3'a :)

 hmmm....will see

but right now i jus feel like fries for some odd reason...

maybe cuz all the beautiful fotos muhahaha

but all i gotta say\

i definitly WILL say

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