Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Things that i LOVE sooo much :D

bisme ta3alla

Assalamn 3leikom

there are many things that make me happy and i love so much

or should i say the things that make me happy no no wait no not happy like EXTREMELY happy :D


drawing painting designing clothes an 7enna (HENNA) love it!!! yay when i get ma new comp i will be posting pix like no other since the space in this comp is full since i take so oooooo ooo many fotos with my professional Nikon 40 DX camera the fotos take tonna space an also i got loads a music!!! i been a lazy bum, this post is old is way over due so ill join it with todays news hahaa i havent been leaving the house i really need a new labtop jus been lazy i guess i had some family moshkelat had to deal wit an take care of... i realy need to do this for mi., so i cant also wait for the new MJ album been out since nov 15th but havent got my hands on it yet am also waitin on the DVD MJ for the fans, video i cant wait. i need to get my This is it, back from a couple a friends a mines, they borrowed it an havent yet gaven it back to me yet an is been 2 weeks i jus cant live without it Gosh, MJ is IT!!!

i shall be

I Love Allah SWT

I Love Qur'an an Du3a, Namaz, Salat, praying, estekhare,

i love MJ

I love Gamboo3'as

I Love colors, kohl, palets, make up, niqab, shayla, burQa 

i Dubai, Bandar-Abbas, Kish and Abu Musa an tomb bozorg Tomb kuchak, IRAN n UAE (jazireh is owned an claimed by both countries so u get dual citizenship when yu born there :)

i love this song called streo love i donno whos it by but the tune is bomb an very catchy!!! yeye! donno bout the words havent heard i jus hear the tune from across the hall clothing store hahaha

ofcorse i love FASHION
I love 5aleej

and khaleegy an bandari music

i love hot pink black an royal blue

i love persian an arabic things hehe

i love KSA an Bahrain 

i love ma3assel be tame3 3nab, Ghalion/Qalion, Shisha -ho99ah

i love caramel tea that my 7bb zowju gets from Paris France

i love Persian tea, actualy any type a tea , indian tea, morrocan tea, chai with na3na, Arabic tea, french tea, blueberry blossom starbucks tea, zafrani sa7ar 5eez persian chai from iran jadid, jazmine green tea omg sooo bomb! love it

actualy am a tea person not 9ahwa since i am alegic have 7assasiyat to coffee

but i DO love cappucino :) like not the real one the fake powder hehe vanilaa ooo i love ANYTHING wif vanilla in it

i love iphone an iphone 3G an 4G an all the cases
i love making them too an desiging them

Me Encantan Bachata & Reggaeton jeje

hmm.....this post will continue since i LOVe many many things mmm hmm 

ooo love traveling mosaferat disney land an atlantis dubailand an ibn batutta an laguna hill mall california love dun dun nana nana  lalala la la l hahaha

i love beisbol an futbol

love PR n DR n lo caribe

i love London, NY, CA, Vancouver island

i love 3abaya Abbaya khaleegi bandari an shayla an hijab melli

i love designers

i love cooking
 makes me super an calm n relax

oo bloggin is fun too

but i LOVE Polyvore, an Clueless games hahaha 

i love watches shoes clothes musica, 3tur, balsam pencils pens crayons n stationary like majeek an markers an anything to paint draw design do art or arts an crafts wif

i love languages, photography, pictures, bloggs, videos of make up :)

ill post pix later like man~ana maybe if i aint lazy an go get ma labtop  :D

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