Thursday, December 9, 2010

Party Time

Party Time
Party Time by LAPersia3rab featuring bracelet bangles
Party Timeeee Y'all !!!

Yalla Yalla 7bbtizzz

party time!! HOLLA!!!

bisme Ta3alla

soooooo today i was jus walkin an chillin talk to my modir in the mall she needed to fill me in som info an some of my beautiful Saudi 5aleegy frnds passed by and came an saw me an da3wat me to a  bday party surprise one for ma other girl 1/2 Saudi 1/2 Misri hehe awsome. yaaay get to wear my cool beautiful abayas like holla!!! is 4 girl's bday from the university . yea yea yea thats it

well earlier today i got mad a lil from something my zowji did cuz he said he was comin to pick me up but then decided to go to school an talk to his councelor an made me wait a while 30 min withou tellin me i was tellin him i aint mad wat he did i was mad why he didnt inform me. so he said hes sorries but like when something bad happens subhan'Allah, Allah always makes me happy spontaniously an like i donno i feel like i deserve it sometimes hhehehe al7mdullilah. u know?? well i ran into the Saudi Girl club girls from school. it was awsome. yes it was! i was really happy i kinda ditched ma man hahaha an walk thru the mall till he was deep in book store an i was walkin towards there but me an ma girls got distracted for canvas ahahaha i bought like 12 canvas cuZ i paint alot haha awsome i was pretty stocked chocked or watever is said. but am quite happy so now am done work an off goin to shop ma new laptop holla. i am pumped !!! ya ya ya !

yalla 7bibties am out ma 7bb is here



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