Friday, December 17, 2010

Todays day 7mdullah

Assalamou 3leichiiiiiiiiiii ya u5tiiiz wa 7bibtiiizz

hahaha holla!!!

wuttup wuttup!

sooo today is a strange day for me.. i really donno what to except anymore...from this La VIDA of mine is quite LOCA. i love it ... i adore it... y hay algunas cosas k no puedo explicar... ya3ni i totally i agree that i livin la Vida Loca like Ricky Martin says. 7mdulillah...

im str8 up a CapricorÑa ... u'll kno by readon my blod :) i like things a certain way an i love alotta things i get obsessed an i cant let go . i will always love it something hehe. yup thats moi for ya.

i donno really.. im super excited honestly not until yesterday i thought no one saw ma blog muhahahah an in like not even 24 hours there that i added a blogger control reader which tells were ppl chk it out. is a whole bunch a pplz checkin it out .hollaaaa am super excited yall should like follow me let me follow u and blog :) it be awsome i love bloggin an blogss why on earth i didnt make it 3 yrs ago when i jus had started readin an followin stuff...

omg i love Al-Na5eel (nakheel/nakhl) properties, they are sooo awsome :) i love Dubai, i LOVE u Dubai hehehe UAE, best country on earth :)

 Burj-Al Arab love this place omg sooo BOMB . ok so jus to go see it is $300 person to enter :) its really totally worth it an awsome everything inside made out of GOLd. one day when i get to it i will post MY fotos from MY professional CAmera in Burj-Al-3rab. yup i took fotografy en colege. and BABA bought me awsome Nikon 40DX  camera few yrs ago. at the time it was the best an then a yr later nikon 80 dx came lol an i was sad lol mine was 2'500$USD and then nikone 80dx was $5'000USD lol i was like aaaa.... hahahah baahahhaa

Dubai Lagood. awsomness!! endless awsomeless lol
jus love it iz cozy as love balls hehehe

this is the dynamic architecture of Dubai pretty awsome huh. love it. makes u feel safe an at home :)

very very very very very pretty jamilllaaa :)

Palm jebel ali. these are man made islands omg so beautiful i love going there. the palm is awsome.

see atlantis dubai is in the palm itself .. it is like the best most fun experience ull have fun aquarium an the best water park ever heheeh me love it long time.

on to nxt subjecto ayo

whats ur fav color pink?? hot pink black or gold??? u must be Persian or 5aleegy 3rabi!!

haha if ur closet consists of black grey black black an more black hahaha yup ur persian or emaratiii  or 3rabiii :)

yup blks bomb an u kno it ya ya ya ya tu sa' ya tu sa' ya ya ya ya tu sa' ya tu sa' ol ol Domini song

isnt this like a super adorable black panther, Ay Dios Mio, super cute this mornin i missed my cat. yup i did an this reminds me of my cat when jus sleepin chillin hidin lieng down (lyeing donno how to spell dat) but anywhoo jus bein plain cute!!! yay but am glad an say 7mdullah she is in a good home :)


so guess what song am listening to RIGHT NOW al'3an!???


Q: Whos that in the Shadow??
A: is a Bird is a plane lol no is Michael Jackson :)

SuperMan with Super Powers

                                     Ya he da man! :)                             

holla "YOu rock my world" by MY sweet Michael Jackson who is in heaven :jannat" right now i kno it i jus know it he converted islam 2008 an is quite awsome. iluminatis had to kill him cuz they couldnt take the fact that the biggest star well known of all time is ofcorse Muslim!!! and lots a ppl who follow him would do the same. an he lived in Ba7rain for longest time eva an also in 9atar. so guess who was living an workin in Ba7rain. my personal driver :) hehe yup got my personal driver. thats what comes with being spoiled lol mosaferat an personal drivers jus because i left the 5aleej dont mean i cant still b khaleejiaaat :) hollaaa i dont walk or bus or drive or nada to work. i gotzzz ma own driver :) yaaay

     want them Raybans sooo bad .. but all the new Ray Ban cant get em MJ Michael Jackson style no mo :( so sad....

aaaaaaaahhh these are BOMB too! i want them Shiney metalic lookin awsome coolness Ray Bans hollaaa...

life is full of dreams.... thats what MJ taught me... u jus gotta live em... sabes?? vale??? (u know in espaÑol)

Michael was a VIRGO , awsome sweet nice an perfoctionist an worcaholic. PERFECT! so MJ=Perfecto :0)

anyways on the other news...akhbare jadid lol

so today i got up got ready off to work i missed masjid again :( bad on me i fell asleep was pose to wake up 10:30 en el sob7 am but my snooz alarm clock ... u know i fell bak sleep an then wallahe i woke up at 2:36 PM see i live on IRAN, Bandar Abbas and Dubai Persian Gulf time 5aleeji sa@ yo..  hahaha i sleep days haha an stay up all night wallahe is crazy i know i jus cant  change it, plus it Tasou3a an 3ashoura u know these past few days . i will blog  about it so i  could educate ppl on it too.

i jus met the sweetest Portugese lady ever!! masha'Allah she is sooo cute.  and guess what she has same exact Bday of me i mean i wont mention what exact day but obvisouly im a full on Capricorn...

i told u i have a random mind thats why in school i couldnt stay an focus in one class unless i am fully in one um... white room some one poundin on me tellin me u kno.. an helpin me out mo3aleme 5ususi as in private tutor which i had a milli. dont be shocked be amused an say masha'Allah hahaha cuz ma blog is sooo randomly focused :) 7mdulillah.

soo an then i met my iraqqiyyah u5ti which is really awsome cuz she is sooo super dope, my real u5ti who lives in japan said she is cool to hang out wif she gave me the green light lol cuz u kno some middle easterns Persians an 3rabs an muslimahs is really sad but they judje ppl which is 7aram cuz in islam we supose to accept eevryone as they are n be nice to ereone is islam is a relegion of happiness an love like baba shei5 says an also. we shouldnt make gheibah / gheibat u know?? is bad... so why hang out wif ppl like dat... make sure u choose frnds wisely they can ruin ur vida. sabe vale??

omg lately iv been so obsessed wif bloggin that i forgot to chk my polyvore an make new sets saves?? vale?? yeah um... an i also don chk emails no more.. omg bad on me... i need to change wallahe... hazrat Ali SWS said that if all ur days are the same that is a sign that ur life is not good flow like u need to change do something wif ur life, pray make do3a paint draw design go volunteer go school cook.. sabes vale???

yup will be doin that insha'Allah everything works out fine

have a strange feelin in ma stomach.  right now.. gtg

till nxt post ma3assalaamaaaaa

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