Thursday, December 30, 2010

make up and Palestine trip-U FELESTINI?? then stand up 4 ur rightI!!! hollaaa


so my home grl from NY hollaz @ me and says guess what!!?? here's how the convo goes a lil bit like this...!!! (Ps LAPersia05 is moiii :)

Do u wanna look like this?? lol then read below!!! now ! Ahora! Al'An!!

these are Mac Barbies :)

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله":Hey Sis Assalamon
3leikom, am gettin loads of MAC make up , let me know if u want some.

me: Assalamou 3leichi u5ti, how u gettin 'em? Kifaak 7bbti, omg i LOVE MAC ! hehe, love make up in general :)
 (and i kno most sistaz do too jajaja)

Mac Barbie Collection.

Mac Hello Kitty Collection.

hellow kitty kitty kitty lol

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": yeah Girrl i'm getting like a whole box insha'Allah, my friend got fired from Mac and taking loads of products Lolz

me: Lmaoo

Ooo (shocked here)

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": And ofcorse we're sellin em and raising money for our Palestinian summer trip this yr insha'Allah

(nokteh: note that ma home grl is Felestini :) )

me: Not stealin tho, right!?

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": But selling really cheap
Lmao stufferallah! No Way :/


me: Lolol

Ok 7mdullah

and i hope u raise tons



"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": yeah insha'Allah spread the word in ur blog Lolz


me: ok but how i do i like em bak to u?
give ur email?
Orr so

 wow that looks sooo much fun i wanna join the Mac team hahaha amazing huh??

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Yeah Yeah Lolz
Tell em find me out

me: ok so i spread the news ppl comment n i send u email to them?

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": yeah sis, or tell em to email me and ill tell em what i have :)

me: Coo Coo

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": ok am about to go on ma comp now an make a blog for it too :)

me: ok cool
can i also say what the fundraiser is for?
and how ur frnd got fired?
i didnt know when u get fired from MAC u get free MAC make up and Products lol

Love the colors love palets love playing wif em.. jus on ma hand or paper even jus practicing tamrin :) they make me happy lookin at em.

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Yeah Lolz 'll give u the link in a min my computer is loading up

LAPersia05:  Mayb i shud go work there lolol

ok cool

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": she went to school for doing makeup and went to go work with Mac and Wallahie she made abuot 450 a day! on ppl she did makeup for soo

She started where hijab and her manager at the time i guess didn't like it and fired her so she went to the Head Office head of managers and told on her and left work and she got mad makeup

LAPersia05: That is sooo cool
can i also put the story on ma blog?
So ppl know

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Yeah Lolz thank God  she's one of ma best friends lol

LaPersia05: and the fundraiser an stuff

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Yeah but like inshallah well have enough all my friends here want some so she's coming insha'Allah next week to me and i'll c :)

LaPersia05: Nice. u said u had a link?

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Yes yes patience Lolz
my comp is a Sony
Not a Mac Book

LaPersia05: Lmao hahaha
Ur funny
i like u sis!
i Love the whole NY style Attitude :)

"I_Rock_Hijab$ ماشاءالله": Lol thanks

Me<<< Cool

on whats ur blog name sis??

waitin on it still :)

soo holla at ma girl Sistaz who want some good deal on brand new mac makeup mad sale!!!

anyways so i promised ill post it holla @ cho gal for MAc y'all mac lovers i kno u out there!!!

 do it


am out



Eve got her make up did @ mac

Eve gettin her face done

smokey eye learn open close how it looks like

hey ladies ;
the donation site is for Remembering Felestin is:
plz help
wa shokran jazeelan

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