Thursday, December 23, 2010

continues of EL DIA LOCO!!! :)

               .:Bismi ta3allah:.

Assalamou 3leichiiii Y'all!!! :)

sooo i kinda refuse to speak Farsi no mo.. since Persians can be so judgmental aaaaaurgh, no thank u, ya am proud a being Persian but i aint doing it no mo, talkin Persian different dialects an they jus aaaaaurgh i'd rather speak englisi :) even if u hear a accent i say i dont speak it from now on lolol :)

anyways bak to " EL DIA LOCO " the Loco day lol.

so after the hair apointment i had a apointment to go an get ma nails did but um... since am sooo indecisive, i didnt know wat colored i wanted . the beautiful lady (whos also ma friend) who works beside us @ the mall, her an her husband own the store, she did her nails french tip bright neon colored pink, soooo beautiful with sparkles an extra big sparkles an i got inspired to do mine. i usually dont get ma nails did, i jus paint it an remove it cuz if i pray , but i been bightin ma nails sooo bad i got double nails see um... i bight them till like the actualy bone an the nails seperate an make 2 nails aaaaaurgh an it hurts like ish,,, so it was painful an it was burnin, i always bight ma nails it started in high school when some tragedy went down an i started doin dat... see um...i don wana get into it with details but thats when i wen all nuts in bightin em... yup... anyways so like once or twice a yr dat i wan em to grow a bit an me not chew them (i dont eat them ok, so is not as bad i jus spit em out ok!!! wallah no lie hahaha ) newyas so basicaly this way even it grows a lil u see, um.. is good i might chew on the acrilycs lol but not as bad cuz i might cut em hahaha later

ok well hers is kinda like this but no really couldnt findd a perfect pic, so ya anyways 

arent these sooo cute?? for a iphone cover???

love ma iPhone!!! no lie!! best phone ever i got it first when it came out 2wice an it got stolen an i cried sooo much when first it came it was $800 jus for the phone an i got it hahaha but anways an now i got it, an am gonna get the iphone 4 . so will do soon, when baba send me some dough lolol cuz is like $700 an i have the 64G iTouch!! holla is bomb!!! love it. is good to have iPhone an iTouch cuz iTouch works faster on games an u listen music on it and stuff an u use ur fone jus as a fone get it?? yup


aint that cute?? love the color yup bomb is like fuscia hot pink neon woww an i love the lenght an everything.

i LOOVEEE Fuscia yes am PErsian hollaaaaaa thats adorable i love her lenght an shape of her nails masha'Allah

cut huh? Rihanna style :) in vid with drake an Rihanna whats ma name love that song omg!! bomb!!! maybe ill get it one time (mos likely not lol maybe jus for a day or so lol)

i asked ma zowji black or pink or hot pink or pink/glitter tips or french vanilla hahaha as i call it or blue tips he throws out leopard haha he said he saw it on some girls an it looked good an i was like who?? an he was like naw i was jus wonderin i neva saw it am like WATEVER lmao i kno u did hahaha bahhahaha bad cover up.

well i ended up doin this.... plain black

but obvisouly i got it down haha she wasnt who inspiredme like , cuz leona lewis was , i don really dig this chick Eva Mendez i don like wat she did to get famosa, but Leona was real came wif her voice not nudity!!! aaaurgh some girls make me sick! am not a hater, she looks good "sometimes" ya an so wat u c um...but a personality of some one can make her look ugly as hell, at lest to me anyway! imagine the most beuatiful person in this planet but nastiest evilest attitude... ur reaction???

some one promised me this dress from France and didnt get it.... hmm... hahaa u kno who it is lol duck!!!! anyways cant find the pic of her nails in this "bleeding love video" but since then is when i loved black simple nails

anyways here some leopard skin nails designs really fun

here is what i thought he  might've had in mind... i luv them so adorable... maybe witout the jewels an save the jeweles for ma iPhone cases. lol cuz i cant get nuff hahaha

omg so amazing some ppl are so talented an imaginitive (if thats a word)

i like this is simple an nice.... iv stuck on glue nails some similar to this.

i woud def do this one.. since i love purple an leopard but not too much an

this ones really fun ya i tried it :) maself

i absolutly adore this color... u c i love aQua.. o yes i do... makes me happy. colors actually makes me happy u kno...

this ones ok... i wouldnt do it but is alota work an hard to do but maybe nice on some ppl.



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