Thursday, December 30, 2010

Personal flag counter


holla bak youngin'

Thanks Y'all for visitin ma page!!! and jus to show respect the ones who actualy came from these countries and ma stupid flag counter took em off cuz it only allows a few flags at a time. each time i see u, i post u here till i can fix ma lil flag counter!!!! is buggin me too. i kno!!!!

1 in IQ IRAQ


1 SE SWEDEN, French Southern territories...

But damn i never assumed some one there would chk me out lolol

1 in PK Pakistan islam abad

1 in TH which is Thailand

i know iv missed a few... but u see i had no clue that this flag counter i got wasnt acurate like i thought it would keep all data but az it goes by... the more countries visit an less amount it cuts em out, but i wanna know EVEY one who sees it :) yay

i am postin more is 11:49 PM now LA time :)

here it is 

1 in DE - that took me a while to find out that it stands for Berlin lol didnt know ppl in Berlin was checkin my page out hehehe but i guess i got a few ppl in Europe checkin ma page out hehe

1 in ID which stands for Indonesia 

 wow i also get to learn stuff while doing so lol i didnt know andonesi was so close to malezi an malezi (Malaysia) was so close to singapour or as we say sangapour lol we use to go each summer for trips to singapour and qebres 9ebres or Cyprus in englisi.

i had no idea till now that Bali was in indonesia i thought it was at first in india.. then i was wrong few yrs bak then i figure it was asia in thailand but i jus figured out it is in indonesia... guess u learn some tiny facts when u search stuff countries an stuff.

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