Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a lil about me & my Randomness....


yes yes !!! i have to say !!! i love pink hot pink and purple, my thoughts are random, am an average muslimah striving for the best. check check chekkit outtt y'all!! i kno i take forver to write but i also have a life too dear diary!!! aaarugh u'r always mad @ me!!! cuz i take a min to holla bak!


ilove this painting drawing is sooo cute masha'Allah to whoemever who drew it.

holla back youngin' woo woo holla bak woo woo lol (old F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S!!! YES is faboulous from bak in the day yo lol and i actually learnt how to spell beautiful (if am spellin it wrong cuz i 4got it lol but i did learn it at the time from jim carey in som movie i went to!!! :)  ))))

anyways my memories horrible, bas al7mdullah.

this is how random i am , i am jus finishin up and haha i am checkin with the stapler where my funny bone on my knees are, u kno the one that u hit when u were little kid the doctor takes a small hammer an makes u cross ur legs an hit it and that way to see if your reation is that the leg jumps up un-intentionaly i donno what it actually checks maybe how ur senses an reflex is hahaha is that whats its called?? REFLEX mayvbe...

anyways i had tons a energy today it was good. worked wif a Cancer sign from horoscope hmmm... it was interesting and fun

i have tooo many stories to spill but i cant give it all... hmmm...

anywhoo i started this 5 pm and now is 5 am and i jus got back to it.

 this blog is a random blog about my thoughts:Allah SWT Islam Fashion art etc... :) see Allah Sub7ana Wa Ta3ala puts all this in my head :) i always remember him al7mdulillah. and why its in the muslimah blogs??? cuz DAAAH am muslimah! so leave me alone u wierdos who are like this aint no muslimah blog!! well guess what it is... cuz u know why??? i am muslimah and this is MY blog lol

 heres a hadith:

The Virtue of Remembering Allah SWT

Allah The Almighty has said:

"Faathkuruni athkurkum  washkorowli wa la takfurun"

ya3ni: :Therefore remember Me. I will remember you. Be greatful to Me and never show Me ingratitude."

-Al-Baqarah 2:152. 

Sub7an Allah, i actually remember Allah SWT @ al times, Al7mdulillah, whatever i do i think of him... you see.... start finish middle everywere .. so to turn around and call this blog none-muslimah is a shame ok!!! 

Wa Allah SWT also said:

"Yaa'ayyoha alatheena aamanu athkuru Allah a thikran katheeran"

ya3ni (meaning): " O you who believe, remember Allah SWT with much remembrance." 

-Al-Ahzaab 33:41.

see by remembering Allah i just recieved an email from my 3mmeh and daughter of my 3ammeh Roya that the box has reached them al7mdulillah after 3  months kamel this happen. like the box riched them in back home in iran, because iran having many many problems sub7n'Allah, with all the england USA Canada etc.....aaaaaw 

i will wrote more tomor on  this subject:) 

lookin 4ward byeeee.....

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