Thursday, December 9, 2010

في العمل اليوم


so am @ work today an a lady comes in i guess her husbands a surgoen however u spell it ( i kno i never even finished my english 12 or ESL hahaha i am going back to school on jan) anywhoo. she is like totally on my nerves.

walkin in here big fake smile on her khareji face says:
fix them (her husbands glasses, mind u they are silhouette and need plugging repair whol only one girl does it in the morning during the week not in the night)

i say: they need to be plugged, so the girl who does it is not here , she is in the morning , so u wanna leave them or...

she cuts me off wont even let me finish my sentence she's like : NOOooh! i want YOU 2 FIX them!!! now!!

and am like in shock aaaaa.. lady i jus told u i dont fix them the other girls does...<<< no i didnt say that ofcorse not, thats bad customer service. am like yo B!!! watch it!!

so i said ... u wanna leave em over night, she like no my husband work in the morning at 7.. i said in my mind ofcorse. not everything revolves around ur husbands life u know.

well obvisouly normal ppl when there is a job i mentioned to her we might not even have the part need to order them might take 3-4 buisness days for shipping an handlling and then send to the lab.. so... what were u thinking???

she just walks out!!!

OMG!!! plz SHOOT me!!! AAAAuurgh (no am kidding thats an expression, 7aram i don mean like wa9eyiat hahaa)

 chk out this cool office i LOVE it!!! i wanna be able to carry ma office away wif moi muhahahaha its like a suitcase yo!

ok my anger is relievefed by writing it down yo!
al7mdulillah :) LOVE blogging' :D

ma3assalama y'all!!! peace out

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