Thursday, December 16, 2010

ShiSha Junkie muhahaha


So i promised i wont say who is the anonymous person but it takes out from all the fun bahahaha zowji Al-Yemeni hahaha he is totally a Shisha Freak bahahah JUNKIE i must add, ok let me also add that hes been watchin alot of OZ since i got him hooked on it lol


cuz in high school jus randomly started watchin it, super randomly, then in college out of special my own interest took Criminology class and i totally got obsessed  since iv always been obsessed with blood and horror and scarey movies and SAW and Crim and eses an crips an Cholos and BLoods, and i totally would fit jus right in with the whole crew of parol oficers, jail break cell take careres, surgeons and C.S.I. Miami NY LA an all that good ish BUUUT then again am a girl... cant do none a that... will see...only cuz i cant be that... i took crim 2 yrs conseqtuaslivly (i dono the actualy word but i do know wat am tryin to say is like continuously or some...) anywhoo totally awsome class not to forget to metnion THAT ALL MY CRIM TEACHERS AND PROFESSORS WERE LADIES masha'Allah, i say masha'Allah i don wanna 3in them u know.. may Allah take care of them, but i jus never would do that,... they totally taught us awsome lessons never will forget the short lil white lady who u could see getting bitten up or raped or something by these big guys gangsters an murderes and dealers an drug dealer mafia ese type cholos u kno... but DAYUMMM she was tuff as hell. she had u kno her stacks an guns an watever bear spray pepper spray watchu wan call it... but first day of crim 101 i memba her comin thru lookin all friggin um.... ruffed up like blondie in a emo type ish she was totally wearin the full out leather black jacket an red leather burgundy type pants she showed a lesson we was like WHO is this... actully she sat down at the begignin a class an watched our reactions she jus sat with the students as the students cuz we didnt kno wat our prof looks like so like... she totally fit in u then like we all critisized our prof being late an stuff an then she got up an said she was the prof an we was like get outta here an ppl got up an tried to act like they was the prof not only to realize after her showin her ID she was proof that was our teacher it was actualy quite amazin i must add cuz we was all FOOLED we was officialy PUNK'D only to find out we all critisized her... u know... anywhoo nxt day she shows up in professiional clothing an ish an we was like ya this chick a (not to mention she looked young as hell) CSI type popo hahaha it was awsome... she said "SEE!! this is how criminals do it, it could be any of us, all of us, anybody who came to this class, has an interest in crim cuz wants to see what's up, has a curious mind u know... they call it crim mind" bahahah we all laughed but it was true sa7 sa7 we was all tryna find out bout the class really interesting. so this 1 PErsian chick who went thru wif the whole 4 yr program tiny lil gal... well yes ofcorse she a parol officer an jail cell care taker... damn she good too. but her job is cr8zy as hell an thats why i dropped out, found out u can be killed, murdered, raped, gang members want u dead... i was like aaaaaaaaaah na' 'AH it ain't happening, u could either be that or study like ionno how many yrs more like 4 or some 3 or 4 ... to become a prof... i was like... waste a time bahahah wish i knew earlier... then turned into photography. now that was fun. now am goin bak school for ARTS YEY :) super excited hahaha this lil Capricorn mind a mine has a total life of its own....

i kno i get distracted alot...but i really have ADHD. maybe u should google it. but anywhoo. i actually jus got up an went an made me macarona and ate it 7mdulillah, shokran jazeelan to maself hahaha cuz i was really feelin it. i also made spanish maca'rize mmm with tomatoe paste and mmmm yummy yummu yummu. m3carona is cream like flour an milk and stuff wit ma3caroni. and then i jus finished eatin it with 2 big glasses of orange juice (is actually called Rice a Roni lol like macaroni hahaha

yup looks a bit more red tho cuz i added a whole bunch a tomatoe paste after muhahaha ya an is all veggie :) yummu yum yum

orange juice is bomb :)

tropicana is like ma FAV!!! soooo good no pulp tho am allergic to pulp yup i got 7assasiyah is cr8zy!!! i kno. anywhoo back to ma story if u wated till now bahahaha this is were i am gonna spill the beans cuz am a beaner hahaha i love beans mmmm black beans kidney burgundy beans yellow orangie beans green beans all kinda beans fuol white beans mmm lime green beans anywhoo

soooo zowji Al-Yemeni Al-Farsi he is sooo funny after watchin OZ he actually had originaly had ran outta ma3assel cuz the night befo we smoked it all up yo. up the heezy yo. the 6am3 was friggi diggi 3nb mmm soooo BOMB i LOVE 3nb!!! gr@pes the BEST! is the Bomb Explosive like up in smoke tour in 2001 with Dr. Dre and Snoop an Em an 'em... hmm... ya so hes buddy calls him up from Sa3di Arabiyah hahaha soo funny hes like "yo dawg< im smokkin up a Jeezy muahahaha" i feel like doin a scrap book on this bahahha anywhoo this is my digital awsomness scrapa booka yo! what the dealy yo!? so he decides since he aint got none ma3assel left. he bout to go an dig the dirt an find it in the trash can 

EWWWWWWWWWWWWW yuk lolol i clearly LAUGHED OUT LOUD an told him  "am about to do a blog on this yo!!! Bahahaha"

an hes like :NO wait mami, men fadhlak! puhleaseee!?"

hahahaha , me as i was crackalackin talkin like snoop D. O double GEE, an i was like :NO friggin way , i am sooo bloggin about this u are a ..." 

an as he cut me out an sais "ya i know im a Shisha Junkie..." (with a sad voice ) i grabbed ma JADID VAIO LAPTOP yup an i started bloggin bout all them thangs that lead me up to this.

and then he says : "Fogethabouth-it! am so thru wif it i aint be lookin it up no more we smoked it til it got all burnt last night anyway" hahaha an then we go bak to talkin about our moshkelaf fi al hayat and all t he goodies en al 7ayat cuz ya hes ma 7ayat al Rou7 :) love my 7BB.

i love our conversations they are so randoms, they go something bout like this:

ana (me): "so insha'Allah, if Allah SWT thinks is sa7 for me to get this shoghl, Allaho 3lem, and i will get it , if not then oh well am not sad anyway cuz everything happens for a reason, maybe something better comes along.."

Zowji 7BB Al-Yamani (Al-Farsi) or Faresito*** as i call him sometimes lolol: "  im gettin fat, (while lookin in the mirror)"

ana: "did u listen to a word i said???"

Zowji: " i know i jus touched my belly, and is fat, i jus eat alot lately, u made me eat sandwich Bandari is with naan an falafel and then we made ma3soub and then etc etc (blah blah blah in ma ear cuz i was blabbin on on some else)"

ana: " ya am hearin ya, but u think i should go Sa3udi girl club meeting maÑana?? or like jus sleep? madresah?? or sleep??"

7bb: " so i am totally falling asleep right now, i watched too many OZ episodes today i finished 2 whole seasons...."

moi: "AAAAaaaaw....Papi how'dja do dat??? (meanwhile me bloggin till 8:14 am en el sob7 u kno i wont be no sleepin hellzzz nawww hahahaha :) am fresh off the plane fresh off the boat bout tha get ready off the escuela madresah :) :D yaaay :) picckin new classes for new semester :)

excitedoooo :)

 all ma ppl Bandari ppl smokin Ghalion Shisha Nargile :) them called shisha junkies mujajajaja (jaja in espa�Ñol or Spanish is hahaha)

omg is 9:29 en el sob7 and ma sedi9a wanted me go madresah wif her but me no hahaha i don wan go... no way i hav my own school sub7n Allah. i been up all night bloggin, this new comp got got got me goin :)

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