Thursday, December 9, 2010

behind the veil

in this edition of new designers hehehe :) i will one day have my own muslimah fashion show HOLLAA u know its gonna happen insha'Allah its like my biggest dream ever...
i love this foto isnt it nice?? so Saudi :)

i don personally like the below  way of wearin hijab but if u wanna show ur earings an no hair then thats cool but i do it differ khaleegy bandari style. so ya not my style the way she done it but i like the beige shayla

i love her kohl is it so beautiful?? masha'Allah i absolutly love it. i had my Sa3udi 5aleegy party to go to today and it was absoltuly sooo much fun! i had my ko7l in my eye. did ma 7enna and nice 5aleegy Bandari Green Abaya holla! love it i miss back home an Bandari ppl :) so kind soo nice miss jazireye Qeshm and Bandar Abbas a Kish and Bandar . i still have family from baba side living in jazireye Qeshm. i need to go Hormozgan one day :( i miss back home 5aleej Fars will always be i cant wait till my 7bb gets a job after his school in 5arej an we go back yay!!! i cant take no longer in 5arej.

i absolutly love this foto. i think is BOMB! the Bomb Explosive! yay! i might but i am thinkin i might move it to my mai foto... maybe not.. will c...

 dont they two look alike? so beautiful masha'Allah!
now u see the barbie really looks real :) the top lady i heard is a YEmeni girl :)

omg BARBIE JAMILA ehehe :) from Middle eAst. love being from Middle east love being Persian and Saudi an Kordi :) Bandari an 5aleegy :)

chk out below<<<<<>>>>>>>

i like her blue shayla :)
she looks like a convert masha'Allah :) it looks beuatiful the patterns of the shayla are very 5aleegy i apriciate it.

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