Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sorry Dear Diary (دفتر خاطرات)

Bismillahe Al-rahmani Al-Rahim

Assalamou 3leichom wa Ra7matullahe wa Barakatu

dear دفتر خاطرات sorry i'v been ignoring u lately and missing u also :) ALOT

well it was my sun yrs passed woaah

well i have so much to tell u and so many memories to keep for el futuro al7mdulillah,

i wanna keep u updated at each moment and min of time... but u know i cant ...but u always on ma mind. trust me dear diary. even i dont write u in a long while or dont chk up on u, dont u eva hate me and break me..since i am human an not made out of stones. one day i will NOT let u go, but i will disapear to this day comes.. plz keep me in ur lil 9albi. love u Dear دفتر خاطرات

:) hahahah thats was ma love letter رسالة حب haha Love Lettaaaaa  "Carta deL Amor" or "نامه عشق" .

ok nuff a that said, back to ma old me. o why cant u why cant u see ...that this thing they call love lolol u kno dat song thats #1??? on the billboard charts an like every radio an every station u put makes u want to hid ur head lol so u cant hear iT!?? quick hide ur head under the pillow so u cant see it no mo. oops i forgot we at the mall workin ...runnin the block get to play wat i like which most the times is Bruno Mars album only 99% of time and MJ here and there an then um... alot times like no musica on .

*****block refers to office lol jus so u kno.


hey expression really describes me lol

i jus wanna break someTing!

n heres when i dont get NADA on the internet aaaa or Comp or wateva to do with labtops and all that junk hahaha  iTouch iPhone 3G and 4G made ma life way easier  with a touch of a button is on is off no waitin on it to turn on an gettin distracted n start cleanin ur room or some.. go cookin hahaha or read a book or fall sleep lol me get so distracted sometimes... no like more times hahaha lol

hmmm... u Got some to say Son??!!?! hmm hmm?? well then get on up an geeeHead an say it! and dont make me beat the numb outta u Bwoi!!! caz u Dun nooo wata wata watap kuwaaan Bomb boclair speedy up diddy or u be laid back countin stack now watchu kno about that shawty ?? WESSSIDE SUR X13 Homez  we Ruff Rhydaz we Ruff u up bwoi. now quit gappin ur mouth an let dem gums dry low now real slow ESE now ama teach u a lesson. o dang almos forgot i already done taught u a lesson. now get lost Bwoi.  RRRAAA RAAA ~1~

now u see wat happens when u mess wif the cutie ??? lolol

how on earth i started up with  love letta Resaleh al 7oB to ma دفتر خاطرات to this Anoyyed thing. hahaha i guess some one really musta anoyyed me jus right bout now dat i went ahead an wrote dat blog. now ouwaaaa let u beat on the ground ouwaaaa let ur ears hear no sound :)

ok am out fa'shaow now dis time.

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