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Questions in Islam/أسئلة في الإسلام‏

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i kno is ma blog, my deepest secretos and diaries, but i kno u iz readin it too...

well is been about 3-4 months i was waitin on Shei5 Afraz (Sunni Shei5 and Al-Masjid) to reply to ma so3als in islam wa deen. and like he hasnt given me no jawab.. so i was gettin frosterated. so a good friend of mine *Uk Hunna Uk Hunna* through islam group mentioned is real close friends to a shei5 and sub7an Allah, i been waiting on these so3als in islam for soooo long... and like he says shei5s comin to his manzel (house crib) and they about to chill and i was like omg~~~ ~!!! this is best oportunitty for me to email ma questions and so i did and within 20 min i got the jawabs to 10 outta 12 so3als answered!!! masha'Allah...

d e a n   w a  Q u r ' a n   w a   I s l a m

makes me jus az relax as a beach in  Dominican Republic. 
i Viva La Republica Dominicana!

cuz thats what friends are supose to do. so read along if u are just as confused as me lolol since i am shi3a but i follow Allah SWT, Hazrat Muhammad wa Qur'an al-majed wa kitab al Sa7i7 Al-Bu5ari. yes i dont hit maself during Tasoo3a and 3ashoora. yes i fast but not so much into hittin maself lol 7aram. i love maself too much haha


The Day of  3shoora "Ashoura" is the 10th day of mah muharram (month of Muharram) in the Islamic Calendar and marks the climax of the Remembrance of Muharram.

These 2 photos brought to you by :

"Hail! You Wandering Butterflies"
May 2007
by Ali Akbar Shirjian

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Women in Khorramabad, Iran, silently go from house to house lighting 40 candles during the Islamic mourning ceremony known as "Chehel Menbar" (Forty Pulpits). To ensure that they don't lose each other in the huge crowd, the women knot their chadors together.

The women of Khorramabad, Iran, participate in “Chehel Menbar” ceremony. This event takes place every year during the Moslem observation of Ashura in commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and Hazrate Abolfazl.

BaBa3iee to be sacrificed and meat distrubted to the poor and needy. during this special holy time.

  Women in a mosque during the religious celebration of Tasooa (Tasua), on the 9th day of Muharram.

            TasooA Night in Tehran

                                           Poonak, Tehran, IRAN                                                 Date: 87-10-17
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                                       Photo by Farshad Palideh
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A woman pictured during the religious celebration of Tasooa (Tasua), on the 9th day of Muharram. Iranian women do not usually cover their faces with the veil except during religious ceremonies.

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
انشا ء الله you are doing good. i have few questions in islam i need answers to. and i really apriciate if u help me in them. شکراً جزیلاً
1) when your دفتر تمرین دین و اسلام  finishes and there are الله سبحان و تعالي 's name there, what do you do with them, burn them? burry them under ground with sand, or throw them in the running water like river? , but if there is no river then what u do?? i am so confuse because i got diff answer from diff sheikhs and i want to know what to do....exactly
  • it is better to burry it in a safe place  EXAMPLE (in the cornner of your garden , or if that is not possible then burn it and then put the ashes in your garden ,
2) i seeing scarey movies or movies filled with violence is حرام??? even if you dont belive in them, be it real or fake footage, cuz sometimes in criminology class u have to watch real footage. could you plz elaborate on this السوال ?? 
شکراً جزیلاً
  • if it is for study purpose then no problem .

3) i heard from a sister that wearing nail polish only is حرام if u enter the المسجد and want to make الصلاة, but if u make الصلاة at المنزل is ok... i dont personally agree, but she said she has heard that, and i said ill chk with sheikh because we dont wanna be wrong and make الصلاة at home and it doesnt count, you know.
  • Regarding nail polish question go to
  • but i want to let u know as wearing nail polish would not allow wouthoa  (وضواء) water to reach the nails so wothoua would not be done and when wothoua is not done right the salaat won't be done , That is why it is not permissible to water nail polish .

4) is it حرام to spray العطر when your about to pray so u smell nice for ,الله سبحان و تعالي so العطر with الكحول in it (is this حرام in general???) cuz i kno bu5ur and 3oud are not حرام since they dont contain الكحول in it...صح؟؟??? ok am confusing myself please help me because  i hear different things everyday, some sisters says wearing perfume in general is حرام....
  • Putting spray العطر  before salaat is good , but if it got alcohol then its better not to use it before salllah .

5) back in UAE, Dubai and IRAN  and every where else in الخلیج الفارسي we wear Gamboo'3as under our shaylas and my بابا who is also a شیخ, bought me a few while i was back there few months ago, is't the thing to do , it's in mode/style, ur hair is fully covered and this way the hijab doesnt fall off as easily since ur hair is below the Gamboo'3a and the Gamboo'3a itself sticks up (not your own hair which some ladies say is حرام, is it??) anywhoo, i was told by a sister that this is حرام, but my بابا is very مذهبي and relegious , he wouldnt buy something for he's own daughters if their حرام.  anyways could you please tell me if this is حرام and if it is, please back it up with a  الحديث‎ plz!!! this is super important to me cuz i wear Gamboo'3a all the time. and i was very upset when a sister told me this is  حرام and if you donno what Gamboo'3a is its a big flower clip u wear under your hijab which looks like this
a pic of a Gamboo3'a
Qamboo'3a under hijab/shayla
you wear it in this spot but under sheila
6) is it صحیح that in الجنة everyone only speaks العربي??? i was told by a sister this. so i wanted to clarify.
  • yes arabic is the language of JANNAT الجنة

7)is wearing a niqab واجب??
  • yes wearing nigab is wajib ,

8)which surah and ayah talks about الزیتون in القرآن الكريم.
  • Surrah التين juz 30
9)is hazrat عیسي same as امام مهدي?? what exactly happens on يوم القيامة?? am really confused. i hear different things from different places and different people. why do الشيعة و السنة differ so much, the responces on this day?? well i am shi'3at and my بابا is a shi'3ah sheikh and i want to know what is said in sunni. what happens on this day, hazrat imam mahdi zohours and then hazrat 3issah prays behind (makes salat) imam mahdi and then all the المسيحيين turn مسلم??? 

10) is it حرام to read astrology علم التنجيم/ علم احکام نجوم/دائرة الربوج even if you dont belive in the and your life isnt based on them cuz back home we read them for fun like there is books. just for hobby to read them.??
  • If you dont believe what is on it , so there is no point wasting your time reading it , and to believe in it is haraam.

11) is it حرام to celebrate or know one's b-day/يوم الميلاد??
  • B-day celebrating is not permissible , and when your b-day come you are getting close to your death , so u have  to be sad and worry not to be happy .

12) if some people use jinns (autho' billah) to spread islam , is it still حرام?? me and my freinds were debating this subject, we donno how it is possible but if there was a way to use them to spread Al-Din, would it still be a sin commited by them???
  • you get muslim jinns who invite non muslim jinns to become muslim they do DAAWAT amongs themself ,

shokran jazilaan , sorry for long email. originaly i thought it was 6 so'3als but i guess i had written down more.

***how lucky am i to have these questions answered to so sari3??? masha'Allah wa Al7mdulillah. the 2 blanks ya3ni the questions have not been yet answered tomor insha'Allah @ Salat al-jom3ah i will try to ask Shei5 Afraz. will see...i cant wait for tomor's 5o6bah :) خطبة i love em. i be like all into it taking notes lol an others are jus chillaxin (Ya3ni chillin' & Relaxin) prolly in their fekro 5ial their like O.M.A. !!!! (OMA ya3ni Oh My Allah!!! in a shocked voice lol) their like what is going on in Persia's little عقل مشغول
... well keep reading my posts and u will see... and find out for urself.


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