Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bruno Mars


 So again i am posting about Bruno Mars, yes am a little obsessed. i mean sub7an Allah.... ever since i buy his album seen his video is like i cant get nuff... :( he is sooo perfect hahaha not like perfect perfect obviously cuz no one is perfect but Allah Sub7an wa Ta3ala Almighty. but what i mean hes words and stuff from the two songs "Grenade" & "Just the way you are"


so this is ma 2 fav videos and songs and also i must let y'all know, there is classes at college u could go to that u can learn how to be a gentleman like Bruno Mars, Ladies voted for it lol and they want they men to be schooled on it. hands down i think is bomb idea... he is soooo let alone talented masha'Allah he is also amazingly gorgouse masha'Allah. he sweeps ladies hearts off the floor with these 2 # 1 off the hook songs off the charts!!! u Rock pa! go with it! go wit it! go wit it! hehehe

heres a lil info info bak ninfo on the dude

Bruno Mars - His song writing partner Philip Lawrence introduced him to his future manager at Atlantic Records Aaron Bay-Schuck back in 2006. Bay-Schuck had wanted to sign him immediately after hearing Bruno Mars play a few songs on the guitar, but took another three years before Atlantic would sign him to the label. He got his start by writing songs for other leading artists before gaining prominence as a solo artist after being featured on B.o.B's ''Nothin' on You''. (credit: Getty Images)

links below...

 so Y'all should know  i lovez 2 ppl in da industry now, not jus 1 lol Bruno Marz, but MJ still # 1. am His # 1 fan. ill let u kno why one day insha'Allah.

Peace y'all am out now


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