Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Bef-day Persia :) Shine on!

 In The Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

So is a lil way over due since ma Bday passed a min ago.. but ima share ma lil story wif y'all :)

this convo between me an iDentist tho. but it explains it all ... ma Bef Day :)

iPersia: Guess wat breakfast mama made for me this mornin?


iPersia: memba how i made fun a u eatin jambari for breakfast lololol

-iDentist: looool

iPersia: n then she had made that for me with like macarona an toast an eggs an tomatoes an avocado an mango an the whole thing
i cracked up an i was like
haha mama guess waht

-iDentist: omg                                                                                 

iPersia: da otha day i jus made fun a ma frnd 

-iDentist: thats alot 8o|

iPersia: that why he eat jambari for breakfast
ya but i was ma bday
guess wat she did for the night i came from work\
today i had one a ma worst days
i faught wif like sooooo many of my frnds today
omg i hate high school drama stuff
o o
mama callin

-iDentist: oh ok
i will brb, pray time

iPersia: ill keep typin u can read when u get back lolol
i hate Qeibah/Gheibat/
Gheebat (backbiting)/الغیبة​ اور غیبت 
and these muslimahs was pissin me off so i got in a huge argument
like the whole day
an on phone for like 2 hrs at first then 1 hour then 3 hours when i got hom from work
 n me soo stressed
mama kept askin me to com an join her for tea cuz is as 11;3o pm an 12 am it become jan 6th lol
anyways i kept ignorin cuz i was fightin wif these grls
anywhoo after i finish (3 hours on fone ) subhan'Allah i was sooo tired
i came to ma room cuz ma fone battery died and i came to charge it
(since i came home i hadent stepped in ma room i was jus fightin fightin fightin on da fone because i stand up for my right and i HATE Gheibah and i don like when ppl do it aaaa makes me sick to ma stomach an causes drama an dilemma)
i come and in the hallway to ma room and all over ma floor an room and bed
there was bouquets an bouqets of flowers
subhan'Allah soooo nice
i jus felt at ease
mama had got em for me
then there was these 2 special roses she kept sayin their valuable their valuable lol
she said lets go put em in vases now
an we go an in each rose
there was $100 bills
and then ...
i was sooo amazed
i was happy enough for the flowers didnt expect no mo
an thats not all
after we unrapped the roses
she said ok...jus so u kno there is a whole bunch more of those 100$ in bday cards hidden in ur room . there pose to be 10
is 2 hours later and i still am missin 2 she said lolol
they are everywer
sooo coool
i got a whole cash flow lololol
an i got to clean n shine ma room
cuz they are hidden in special places
which i hav to look carefully lolol



Happy Bef day fo me

Feliz CumpleaÑos pa' mi!!!

عيد ميلاد سعيد لي !!!

و تولّدم مبارک !!!

my Bef Day FlowieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeZ xoxo mami love u mami

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