Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paco Robanne 1 Million & Lady 500 - TV


 sooo holla ladies, funny funny story 

so you know how like back home ladies are not looked in the face, obviously like if a man walking him and his 3 wives (if he has more than one lol) walks like a mile behind . anywhoo 

heres a funny video explaining what am talkin bout by an iraqi rapper comedian dude from states east coast re make of the 50 cent version of the in the club video really funny (no 7arami stuff don worry lol is clean or i wouldnt had posted on here)

we was watchin TV and comercial for the new perfume One Million and it came on ...(i bought it for my 3mu Mehdi and sent it and it took 3 months to rich IRAN. first and last time im EVER sending box to IRan, they keep it in the Gomrok for ever and ever and ever, cuz i donno why, baba said cuz it could because they keep in the ANBARI (storage) because there is a million ja3beh (parcel) being kept there because i guess there 13 milli ppl livin it up in Te7ran ALONEEE woaaa an the whole country has a 75 milli daaaaaang...cr8zy huh???) anyways

lets get back to ma actual subject that there is 1 Million perfume which by the way smells super amazing and before Paco Robanne unveiled the Lady one million fragrance i totally was up to buying the one milli for maself cuz it actually smelt amazing as i remember and wheneva i pass by the mall *SEARS* to be exact i would secretly splash a hint of one million on me cuz it made me happy lol yup smells sweet ones make me super happy, change ma mood for sure... anywhoo um.when the lady 1 million fragrance came i was super excited when i saw the comercial on TV i was like am sooo copping that and i sure did, but a comment was made super funny...that back home : "it would be 1 Million and Lady 500 BY Paco Robanne, plz buy. TANK YOU" lol hahaha yes TAnK u , not Thank you . they even spell it wrong, i have a plastic from bak home that i must find and take a foto of an show u, cuz its a must seen it says on it in english alphabet ofcorse to try to impress ppl "Tank you for shop here,have a good day!" lol sooo funny, if u gonna type it in english (as a professional store and place, maybe u should either re-think it or just use a 9amoos (dictionary lol). 

so on a totally random note;

omgggg i miss going to the BaseBALL games i am sooooo going very very soon... LA Dodgers ..here i come!!! i will crash the stadium hahahaha like i usually do, at a seattles mariners game with Boston Red Sox in seattle, me and my sister batted before the game infront of thousands and thousands of ppl with  Manny Ramirez and BIG PAPI "David Ortiz" holla thats wuzzup :) we know some big ppl lol.lets just say we got connections :) love baseball. got some random stories on that too. in another blog insha'Allah.

have u seen the show called "Oh My Gol!" soccer funny show, it is super hilarioso hilarioso (hilarious in espaÑol) cuz the show is called oh my goal but they say OOOO maaaay GOAAAAL lolol and u just laugh when you here it cuz the sound is hilarios

nuff bout sports lets get down to bizznass some girly stuff lol kiddin kiddin. but plz do go an smell or get the lady 500 az we call it now lol is bomb!!! iz da bomb explosive lol love it.

ok 7bibtizz am out daaaawwwwwwwwwwg haha <ooo me soo gangsta lololzz


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  1. the video that for some reason is not showin up is called A-R-A-B. Rap by GoRemy Arab Comedian seach him up on youtube hes funny as hell.