Wednesday, January 19, 2011

imma star (everywere we r) lool


So basically i wanna blog cuz i need to .. im in the mood too. not really but am almost there

but i have sooo much on ma mind./like i always do.. guess what i am jus losing it. mama just left to go back to Dubai like 1 month an 1 week omgg.......... sooo much....

anyways i am gonna blog differnt about that

but right now i wanna blog about how wen we jus move here and went school here u are allowed to use calculators in Americas hahaha real funny story. so back home at school using a calculator is ilegal ... it could make u fall outta school get kicked out... anyways sooo wen we got here we found these bomb mickey mouse blue calculator watches that we got in Big Ol' wally (Wall Mart that iz lol) anywhoo me waited long nuff go to math class hahah

and me thinkin ooo am soo smart i can cheat an no one will know lol

me mindin' ma own bi'th-nas (beezwax = buisness ya3ni lol) anyways using ma cool rockin' blue micky mouse calc watch and i take a look around ere student got a Big Ol' Calculator, the thing was big an black an they be using it lol me no speak no english bak then lol soooooo i had no clue how to tell the معلم  (modaress المدرس ya3ni teacher haha ya bak then i didnt kno haha so i gotta do it to ya so u feel how i felt comin here speakin no englisiyah lol) that them fools be cheatin on the امتحان (Exam) haha cr8zyyy huh??

anywhoo funny video wanna watch is by a new funny artist called Jeremih (prounounced Jeremaya)

it has the good Ol' calc/watch loooool or shall i say in 3rabi لوووووووووووووووووول

hahaha inside joke dont ax lol

anyway here is jeremih

anyway heres the funny vid

me like it long time lol

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