Friday, January 28, 2011

Rihanna hair style

Bismi Ta3alla
Asalamou 3leichom :)

whuttup y'all??

sho a5barach??

Ladies i must admit i am loving the new Rihanna hair styles that are burgundy or hot reds i mean oh my oh MY!!! so FLY!!!

i am definitly lookin into either getting  a sewed in wieve or jus a wig same as the hair in the video of drake and Rihanna Oh Na Na What's ma name? oh Na nA...

*Note to judgmental people readin this, lol =) i am fully aware that RIRI iz iluminati,this music is 7aram, an her attire not proper lol but not my fault hahaa i still dig the song an i kno u do too deep down inside u be bumpin yo headz wen u flippin thru da mall lol****************

                                 ma new RiRiz Fav Song y'ALL!!! 
   Oh Na Na .... What's ma name? 
                 Oh Na Na ... What's ma name?
   Oh Na Na .... What's  ma name?

BaB Y  U Got me . it ain't no place that i'd be, than with ur Arms around me...

yeah i heard u good wif em sof leepz
ye u kno the wrd a mouF 
da Square Root of 69 is 8 some
Cuz I've Been Tryna work it out, ooooow


 so me luvin' this pic. me all jamaicanized an caribbeanized caramelized now wif this beat  hahaha... breezy frm the izlandeezy hahaha

ey maaaaaaan this pic is nice. me like. me dig, no me dug already lol cuz she so fly.

sooo mon she make a cat wanna speak jamaica hahaha/// well prolly u noticed her dope head piece.. and this dymn got on a stick on wieve yo.... she really in a sticky situation lol her n Beyonce. dem Gyalz be doin the stick on wieves as well as big names like Tyra Banks an Janet Jackson... amazin. me like. me dug.

so me go'on an go'out n shoped me spring shop. i didnt meant to loose ma cool but me drop a G on dem hair stuff shoes bags purses scareves chibchibs lol rrrrram pa pa pa paaaaaaaaaam .... PPPPRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

this Gyal Persia she will be postin em fotos of she z shoppin lataz.

o my ... me love the head piece an the BRIGHT RED WIEVE.. i wan it sooooooooo BAD.

oh ya i love this soooo much .... jus one eye... amazing. ... iv had a question from a shei5 .. i was wonderin dem gyalz who be rockin wieves an stuff an don show they real hair an dress properly... hmm... is it a sin stil??? i wanna hadeeth provin' it. cuz to ma knowledge ya ofcorse is 7aram cuz like is not ur hair.. is fake so ionno.. is posing as a real... is like same as a person who cheers their glass an act as if is alco7ol even tho is jus juice water ETC an they will be writen az a sin cuz ... u kno  u trynna act as is the actual...

so i was diggin the below foto sooo much me draw it out... in nxt post chk for Rihanna ART. :) MY ART> and ull c.... me stil workin on it. but gotta let u kno dat i love photography an i did take it a semester at college an im diggin it. i got Nikon 40X well at the time it was $4'000 G's an then 2 yrs later they came out wif 80X an it was like $5'000 Gz so ya... cr8zy.. i jus stuck to ma nikone 40X... me love it long time....

but daaaaaaaaaaang i love the coloring of the fotos fo real... maybe if she was covered a lil bit more it woulda been betta. but thats her choice...

omg the colors tho ....sooo fly. n the lighting is perfect  an make up an hair.. ofcorse/ ENJOY

Que lo Disfrutan...

*Note the lil Gun asla7e pistola tatoo tatuaje jejeje me love it long time*

i had heard somewer in shi3a saying tattoos in shi3a is not 7aram,.. but i needed other scholars to confirm so am waiting on replies,.. cuz like i would get black 7enna 5leegy farsi designs an ne9shs on ma hand forever... no mo need to re new em ahahah i will always hav black 7enna tattoos on @ all times...LOVEEEEEEEee it!

will c... an ofcors i will post the answers from diff scholars ASAP i get it.

ya had to censor a bit omg it was like naked almost. well ya it waz.... but is betta now. not good but viewable// i wanted to show her hair but the fotos waz nice too. if she wasnt so skin off showin. she would look much betta with a Black 3baya on fo shayzieee !!!!! 

haha Rock on ooh-man (Woman in Creole lol)
man she looks sooooooooooo good in the red curls an  omg her bomb light hazel green eyez jus look perfect wif that ko7l.... nice huh... an the bamboo earings sooo fly. n the tattoo on her neck looks cool :)

and Rihanna . a Barbadosian gyal wif a Persian name hahaha nice.. she clearly mixed u can tell by the light skin an green hazel eyez.


Gyalz wildin' out. dont follow em az in listen exactly wat they say . they iluminati. but u can still dig they style of hair an make up.. not so much clothes hahaha \\\

am out 



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