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From Manteau to 3ba' to Chador; Girls in Tehran, IRAN

Bismillahe Al-Rahmane Al-Rahim

Assalamou 3leichom

soo i thought i make a blog about how Te7rani Girls in Iran dress... weather like it or not... hijab is mandatory, even for a foreghnor (5areji= ya3ni some 1 from the outside and if ur canadian american or a european passport holder... good luck gettin in the country first hahaha cuz u prolly wont.. since ur not allowed there...gettin a visa could take u up to 7-10 years cr8zy huh?? ya i kno...but that is how it fogethabouthet (forget about it in Mobster Italian-American new york new jersey based Gangster voice lol) anywhoo... since that includes ALOT of u lol i am gonna show u how ppl dress in iran (ladies only, since men dress like Enrique Iglesias an Ricky Martin in Te7ran lol and these ladies Te7ranians only lol cuz each region is obvisouly different am Bandari and khaleejia so we clearly wear different outfits/// to a Te7ranian wearin 3baya "that ain't cooL"  !!! jus so u kno u hav to fit it ahahaha lookin like u DONT want to wear hijab hahaha YEA RIGHT!!!

anyways heres a few...

**maybe my views are different than ur views.. sooooooo plz nobody take offence when i say i wouldnt wear manteau an stuff lolol is cuz i am not from Te7ran nor Lived in Iran so u know just stayed few times... i dont like it but i understand is wajid is forced for them to wear it and some dont like it...sooo ya is clear in their actions, sub7an Allah, may Allah Sub7ana Wa Ta3alla guide them thru the right path insha'Allah....ameen*

for example 7aram 7aram an 7aram.. sa7?? fahm?? i say 7aram cuz dogs are 7aram (if u touch em gotta wash hands 7x) but then again... they have no other choice... wat do i kno... like i asked a few sistaz at Al-Masjid that cover, if they were forced to , and held at gun point , with a big asla7eh to their brains sayin u betta watch out or u get shot, what would u do, they said they wouldnt wear it, just to be a rebel rebel, see... is makes u wanna "estefra9"  like no REALLY . walla i feel sick to ma stomach when i hear this,, feel this way,, cuz i don think they deserve it, it shouldnt be forced, hijab shouldnt be forced, shouldnt be mandatory... like is their choice . like is my choice, or ur chice, we are all human, we are all insan, no were in islam says shoot some1 if they aint got the shayla on.... it aint fair, we all get judged seperatly on  leylol 9iamah(T) see.... day of judgment Allah SWT judges us clearly differently from what experiences we'v had and what we have been thru... everyone's own... seperate wa7ed per wa7ed,,, our fingers arent the same, so how on earth is an insan mo9ayeseh to another insan same??? think bout it, be logical. oooooh IRAN i wish i could change ur regime an go back to having kings and Queens in the country... oh well... if is meant to be it will happen again. PS talkin bout that, our 2nd prince was just killed like not too long ago... i heard only last week from mama... sooo sad this a5bar is sad news,, since they dont even LIVE in iran no our Persian Queen is in France Paris she has her castle there and our lil Princesita is in states "United States of America" ya she sooo cute ill post a link on them.
  i like these... nice :)i like the shaylaz an i think the pic is also cooL. 7arakaaaat lol
  see different hijabeez in iran... full on 3baya chador hijab melli and in brown manteau an maghna'eh... u..donno how ol this is but chk out the 2 white ladies ionno from were but clearly turists or some... workers or some... *hint hint* the fanny pack loooooooooool and the shirt a lil too tight an pants lol not even a manteau or abaya or chador lolol
thas a cute hijab too ...

dont like this... but i have to post so u see random Te7raniz how they dress,,,

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW lol *just ma idea, i hope no offence taken insha'Allah*

if that manteau/short 3baya was much longer maybe ill b rockin it too... minus the outfit under id switch lolol

normal 3addi ladies in Te7ran. i think is nice on dem... not on me tho hahaah i tried when i went Te7ran this summa for a week *was fun a lil but  not so much* but i kept gettin called the 3rab girl lolol cuz my hair and feautures are aparently more 3rab than persian lolol i have curly black hair . and dark black eye brows an big Persian eyes as i thought *but no am wrong aparently minez are 3rabic eyes to their eyes lolol* they were like talkin about me in Farsi behind me or some and i was like aaaa... i can hear u and i am fars too lolol and they were like o ok,, and then i spoke english to baba an then they kept goin along amongst themselves: oh yeah she is definitly 3rab, no fars in her " lolol i was like excusme me .. im part farsiyyah too, jus like urself lol hahahaha n they were like yaaa right hahaah HATERZZZ gonna hate, and BALLERZZZ they gonna Ball...3LW memba dem?? song wif Lil' Wayne they had back in the day in high school lolol *high school mode* Oh i feel it comin along... let it pass lol.. am 24 now lol still in high school drama tho lol

  ooo blue, thats cute, like ma writting lolol
PRETTY :) like it masha'Allah dont wanna 3in her niether lol ionnno lolol i keep lookin at this foto an the 2 on the right look twins to me and the 2 on the left as well, what they do? go home an said lets all do the same hair up-do , wear the same kohl and tattooo our lips ligh pink an gloss it up??? an wear our Gamboo3'az and nice shayla wif blk manteau??? i guess they did lolol thats wat it looks like to mi anyway.
Love this Picture...Pic Cha that iz. like 2 ladies in full on chadors and maghna'ehz and  2 ladies in Gamboo3'az and Manteaus n French Scarfz ehehehe lovin it... yup u see both. amazing.

some are forced to wear the 3baya Chadors from work shogL, from school madresah , to goverentment do'laT... see is not that they all wanna wear it,, even if thats what it looks like.. some HAVE to wear it...there are hijab police too.. chcks for ur nail polish if u got on nail polish since is 7aram to wear it during prayer but ur not prayin while walkin on the street but they think they are right u must pay $5 thousand Riyalz or some like ridiculous amount bout $5 thousand dollaz... cr8zy huh???? yup... Hijab Police, Basijiz and Commite & HezBollah.

fun.. all matchin... again i wouldnt wear that not ma style at all. but it looks cute on em... we gotta understand an apriciate it their way u see....

hahha him an his 2 wivez lolol  they look like twins to me.. yup . thats wat u do at the beach, sa7el. and um... not diggin the shorties lol but u gotta do watchu gotta do right i guesS?? lol

she is sooooooo Beautiful Masha'Allah
  new popular 3abayaz at the local stores and Bazars. all Bodegas lol NY PR style NEW York Puerto Rican Boricua style (estylo)
  nice . this is for the vote thing happenin last yr all in green... sub7an Allah i cried when Neda got shot an died :( i shed many tears sub7an /Allah. may Allah help her an her family insha'Allah Ameen.

  chk it out Gangsta LAdy Polices ye ye ye hehehehe 3baya Chador Melleez huh wit that bomb gun asla7eh and nice dark green magh'na'eh ... am feelin it hahaa i love this foto they look rough, they can rough up anybody. we need lady soldiers since in the 10 yr iran-iraq war we lost 3 million soldier boyz... hmm... nothing left to do for the man to cop up 4 wifez eachya dig?? by the way obviously we won the war lolol even tho i got fam across the border in kurdistan also hahahain iraq hahaha awsome
  LOOOOOOOOOOVe this foto man. am diggin' it BIG TYME Big up Big up yo Lil' Wayne need a lady Cop call 9-1-iran lololol get it?? like 9-1-1 lolol hahahaah she will teach u a lesson mmmm hmmm not to mess wif her again lolol now go bak to jail u iluminati crap lover hahaha
  i posted this so i want u to see where bandar abbas is/// beside kish island which i also lived in :) beside Dubai.. anywhoo its all in Persian Gulf were UAE stands as well now compare it to Te7ran which is aaaaaaaall the way north shomal in the map of iran u see it?? see it?? yup beside Caspian sea, fahm?? waaaay far, waaaay different traditions an cultures... man iran is FULL of cultures no corner of it is same... amazin masha'Allah, biggest country in middle east, even bigga than Sa3udi 3rabiyyah 
i like this foto so i posted it last. i am thinkin of paintin it.... will see. ill show u the finish result. ok \\ yalla ma3assalamaaaa

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