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Bandari wa 5leeji 3bayaz & my life (style)

Bismillahe Al-Rahman Al-Rahim

Assalamon 3leichom 
so i have been debating what i am about to do with my life. my heart was set out for a few different things, work work work... maybe back to school or should i just work a little. go masjid. learn more about deen and islam and go shopping also :)...

well i have an idea... i kno i want to be married  by nxt yr insha'Allah and have kids insha'Allah if Allah ever so pleases.  i kno marriage is like ne3mat (and ne3mah comes from Allah) Ne3mat is like your "rouzi" like your cash flow , your blessings, whatever you have or you dont have Allah decides what is best for you, and it is written. i kno i cant complain to much that how when i was teenager i wished i had a wedding of my life and i designed and decorated my wedding dress and all.. and had plans that i would have 4-5 kids and i thought all of them i would have before i was 25....well i guess it ain't happenin cuz it wasnt meant to be... cuz Allah Subhana Wa Ta3ala doesnt believe is the sa7i7 way for me. (sa7i7=correcto) 

  Daaamn, doesnt that deep Royal blue and pitch white (u kno how they say pitch black well am oposite i say pitch white lol) yup... dont they look amazing these 2 colors side by side.... jus gorgouse very glamerous. am Lovin' it (in a McDonald tone a voice lol )

so basically u have to say bas al7mdulillah. nada mas (nothing more).

i had all the dreams every girl dreams of... correcto mundo?? yup correcto mundo (mundo=donya world in spanish)

anyways so why i brought this up? cuz i know i dont wanna waste ma time with working when i dont even need the money when i could go to school, keep work a lil just so i have good experience (by the way i dont need any money al7mdulillah but i have been working since i was 14, my mama is a worcaholic and she got us in the habbit of it that way if for any reason some day Allah takes it all away. me an ma sista know how to work and take care ourselves and we have good Resume and work experience in all fields and education. i donno how many times i need to say al7mdulillah to Allah SWT to thank that i have such an amazing mama who took care a mi and ma sis alone single mama an so strong. even tho , no lie, we fight Alot , almost everyday we get argument cuz we have our own disagreements and beliefs on things... different views.. well...@ the end of the day she is still my mama

 my maman (yes we say maman in persian is a french word like a  million other french words that our language consists of) and then wen we call her alotta times we say mamani :) alotta u might know that. 
anyways this lady looks alot like my mama masha'Allah except mamani's hair is curly (Shakira curls she got the Persian Spanish hair; unlike mine which are really really curly cuz i got a mix between the both , baba has like real tight curls :) in iran they call my hair 3rab hair lol i have 3rab hair unlike the wavey straight persian hair ppl have hahaha up in the north think everyone in iran should be light and white and white is best aaaaaugh makes me sick. anyways ill get to that in another blog)
but ya mama use to wear same 3baya with the high shoulders (professional looking) black or dark navy almost black and same similar shayla to go out but to work it was a str8 maghna3eh (iran an yemen use this word. is a farsi word, a complete hijab that has no pins its stays on properly u put it on from the top ur head its like the Al-Amira but except without the hair cap under the scarf

so kinda some what like this 

anyways in iran in offices an schools girls have to wear maghnaeh.

they cant wear regular hijab if they chose too. and all of iran all women at all ages even like 5 yrs old girl has to wear hijab and abaya or chador or manteau, manteau is a french word for the long trench coats.. similar to these... (minus the no pants clearly lol)

   these except u'd hav to wear em with hijab obvisouly and like pants an stuff under it u kno...

*i love this manteau jacket quite nice*

their like fashionable short abayas. since hijab is mandatory in iran and alotta ppl dont like it dont wanna wear it , it makes it difficult for them and they have to come up with more creative ways how to wear hijab without getting caught by the commite' (hezbollah the ones dressed in all green with the big guns waiting to spot a women with no hijab or bad hijab and send she to jail. zendan evin in te7ran. heard some nasty stuff from there. is sooo bad) hijab should neva be forced then that way no body want to wear it....i even heard few girls at the masjid who are hijabeez say if i was to be forced to wear the hijab i wouldnt wear it!!! just to be a rebel , it shouldnt be forced upon nobody...just like as muslims we r not supose to force other ppl become muslims (like they did in iran and killed and kickedd out erebody else) cuz this way is 7aram, u supose let em know, if they like it  then cool. if not is their choice.  they will have to answer to Allah SWT later,  he is the only judge, not human not insan not ppl on this earth who keep judging each other...c'mon now ppl. STOP the judging , stop the haterate , drink some gaterate lol. but really tho... why make Gheibat (Gheibah) why do all this??? aaaaa ppl make me sick. Persia stands up for people's rights!!!

*how did i get into this?? lol am so random i know i got ADHD , dont remind me bas Al7mdulillah*

 ***she kinda looks like Lindsey Lohan and Reminds me of her lol Persian Lindsey Lohan with all the fake and bake an surgeries lol***

anyways these are manteau's  girls in Te7ran ,,, yup 6ehranis dress like this lol am so glad am not 6e7rani (Tehrani) cuz i would get use to be dressing like this. am so glad am bandari *5leegiyah) we dress like this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

so what your about to see is my style a clothes and 3bayas and minabi n bandari ni9abs and bur9a3z :)

my set collections.

i have one similar jus like this beige one, i got it in off white and beige and green (bandari emarati, so in bandar abbas an jazireye Qeshm it is rasm (sunnah/sunnat ya3ni tradition) to wear green at wedding.
these are simple black 5leegy 3bayaz.

 bottom is ma own set from Polyvore cuz i love Polyvore.com!!! amazing things u can do. not jus sets  but u can like do collages and stuff. holla!!!
very popular ni9abs that in emarats and ba7rain is considered for older ladies or older women is actually the norm on the other side of the khaleej, so in 5leej al 3rabi is strickly meant for older ladies and it aint cool when a younger lady wears it. in khaleej al farsi it is meant for younger girls to start wearing and then when grow up with age the size of the ni9ab covers more of face and when married it coveres even more, it also has a ma3nah in which tribes u belong too.  really really interesting stuff to know. ya3ni is fun!!

check out the cool شبشب
 Love them i heart them for sure i got a milli. lol

aint that something?? now wow sooo beatiful i love it!!! i got a similar design like it except mines are sworski stones (yes real ones it betta be when is $3000 for ma 3baya) yup and the colors are white an green sworski stones. and beautiful black 3baya and matchin shayla with designs sworski all on the edges.got it in Oman on a shopping spree trip this summer wif shei5 al-baba :) my baba hahaha ya i be stylin' ya diG??? or u hatin'?? i kno some haterz out thurr be hatin' is all good keep haitin', i can smell the hateration up in here up in hiyya! haha souljah bwoi tell em' now go take a shower yo. diggity dig?? now wat u wanna fig? u don deserve it u 7asood. don't u know is 7aram :) Allah SWT dont like 7asood ppl. so stop givin ppl the 3in. wallah 7aram. jus say masha'Allah or read Qur'an and u'll forget u was hating on that person. try it out. thats wat i do, when some 1 hatin' an i smell it an i tell em go take a shower lol i read Qur'an for em, an they shuttup. i read it off my lil 9albi hefth. in a nice صوت , not like u kno normal عادي cuz it be same. Al7mdulillah.

ya i wear ma Gamboo'3a str8 up yo . i can see u judgin, lets do less judgin an more readin Qur'an remember? this is between me and Allah SWT ...what i do frankly has nothing to do with what you do, so mind your own biznass an quit gettin all up in ma GRILL. mind ur own beez wax!!! ya dig??? ya heard?? na mean??? now get off ma Grill !

so above is the Gamboo3'a :) is a big flower puff :) yes a big giant one, i rock it all day ereday when i sleep lololol hahha with ma own hair too hahaha . yes yes yes is gorgous is beautiful it represents strong women :) awsomeness. yup thats me.

                  The story behind Bandar-3bbas Ni9abs                             

these ni9abs are strickly from Bandar-Abbas, see these are the red and black ones that when Portugues came (Brazil you know how they wear tons a different colored masks in the carnaval, well same idea) when they came iran khaleej fars in bandar abbas and they wanted to remain hidden they from the rest of em like british ppl that was tryna take over the Persian Gulf (now we talkin bak in the days yo) well for the women to get un-noticed and be able to walk around and no one knows their identity they started wearin red and black ni9ab/masks made out of way u make Carpets , this way it was cool. now its still stuck in the tradition from way back and we still got it hot like fresh out the oven , ya dig? na mean? ya heard???

c we do have regular ni9abs too.

heres the cool ones :) which i love an adore. by the way i use sometimes :) 

    don't it look Gangsta, don't it look Gangstaaaaah GEEEyeee wuttup dawL (Doll in a southern grawl lol)

 here is Bandari women in ni9ab :) gold. olive. black.

    Masha'Allah this looks sooo beautiful . i am loving it. Algerians rockin the 5leeji looks too. :)

   La ila Ha Illa llah , Mohammadan Rasoul Allah.

ya3ni (for none muslimah z checkin this blog this means)= There is no God but God, and Mohammed is His (Last) Messenger.
  masha'Allah , how could some1 be soo beautiful in JUST a full black ni9ab, only can see her eyes and yet u know she is gorgoues! wallah so beautiful. masha'Allah masha'Allah masha'Allah. i say it 3x i dont wanna be na7s and 3in her.
  beautiful Bandari woman :) lady masha'Allah. no 3in intended (lol u kno how they say no Pun intended, well no 3in intended lol Big Pun <R.I.P>

regular blk 3bayaz real rich real comfy real sunnati an jamila

chek it out well hot pink is the place to be for the 5leejiyahz out there. :) yes yes nails Gamboo'3az lipstick eye shadow purse perfume iphone 4G case ipad case sony vaio in hot pink and all that good stuff. must haves in hot pink.

  yes back to traditionally worn bandari 5leej farsi ni9abs yes yes total fun-ness in makin em an wearin em haha yes i said fun-ness , do i care that is not a actual word?? nope. good luck w/ the rest a ma blog is all in slangs in 4 diff languages lol. and since i got some Spanish-Speaking Audience who want to learn about the deen al islam and Qur'an an Allah SWT, i have made a promise to maself to for sure break it down in tiny lil pieces step by step and put lil deen courses in islam for beginers who want to learn about islam and then insha'Allah one day convert. and when they do...wow. masha'Allah wa Al7mdulillah.
  yes yes 7enna na9sh tattoos designs even all over the face as well as hands. tradition. don't hate. am lovin' it.
  am sure u guys know this foto of a bandari women used in the front cover of National Geographic in may 2001 of Marco Polo Venice to Chine Edition. real Bomb Explosive . i love this issue. it talks about how Marco Polo in his travels to the Persian Gulf, yes Persian Gulf, saw  for the first time, black skinned Persian muslims. amazing huh. yes they are OUR black people, not africans, they are strickly Persian Blacks. masha'Allah.

now how Gorgoues is that??? beautiful nice flow gold an blk she be rockin it and fasho it ain't wack. all y'all who think it iz, ya betta step back befor i make u lean back . *Persia says it with a smile on ma face*
  real nice simple black 3bayaz with gold designs makes it easy for everyday use. iono wats gonna happen to ma dream of living with the shotors gamels CAMELS in the sahara an desert like Bedouein :) is ok ill be a rich Bedouien girl lolol ill jus go to sahara for visits hahaha

traditional sunnat cultura... culture speaks for itself.

   i LOVe (HEART) (9ALB) this look. so Hot. ******
 Love hot pink but love Blue even more hahaha naw they cant compete i heart both. dont get mad dont get mad dont be jelous, i said being 7asood is not good. i will wear and use both colors hahaha ok no fightin, i said no fighting hot pink and Royal blue! am a hav to come up with a new mix color of hot pink n royal blue. Pehoyal BPlue lol
   real nice. lovin it. boutique.
   cute cute bandari again with face cover an designed chadors with printed on them. (totaly not ma style we call it us younder generation dahati lol which means villagie bint al-9ariyah hahaha
  this is Bandari ppl as well.i love this foto.
  Bandari Ladies. again in colorful chadors. yes adorbale i know. look how beautiful they looks masha'Allah.
  yes hot in emarati style blk 3baya Galabiya Jalabiya with emroided designs  . lookin all fresh n fine, ready to dine :) dine out @ Burj-Al Arab. well yes ofcorse or have tea with the Queen of England lol..saw her partieng this summer. at her Palace. no lie my uncle took me in front to take pix an see and there she was :)
  here is Qeshm style attire. very much so like the Baluchis and some Emaratis. same tribes went 3 diff directions. and distributed the designe an clothes to all :) masha'Allah. cultures so rich i need a bubble gum lol u kno how like some rappers say im so cold am freezin lol i had nothin to say lol so i felt like sayin it tho so i jus said what was the next thing on ma mind didnt even have to flow its jus my personality yo! like snoopy D o double Gee lol he be like hey hey hey lol hahahaahah
strong finish. pose camera ready set lets go. shoot # 1035 hahaha model lady pose more we need to get a serious shot for the best finish of ma blog hahahaa c/mon now we say in farsi "bejonb" lol ya3ni FAST "RApido" en espaÑol lolol saree3 saree3 bejonb hahaha

~1~ love eshqi and Peace to the Middle eAst. ~1~

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