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أهمية الصلاة والسلام في الإسلام Importance if Salat Wa Salam (peace) in islam

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم  

Bismillah al-Ra7mane Al-Ra7eem

Assalamou 3leichom to EVERYone who reads my blog.

(Since i reminded maself  today the spreading the Greetings of Salam while reading al-kitab al fortress of the Muslim-Invocations of the Qur'an & Sunnah by DARUSSALAM-global Leader in Islamic Books) ya3ni 7osn al Moslem min adhkar al-kitabo sunnah)

compiled by:
Sa3eed bin Wa7f al-Qahtani

Pg. 211

108. Spreading the Greetings of Salam (Peace)

#224-The Prophet صلي الله علیه وسلم said: " You shall not enter Paradise until you believe, and you have not believed until you love one another. Shall I tell you of something you can do to make you love one another? Spread the greetings of Salam سلام  (Ya3ni Peace amongts yourselves (i.e. between each other)"

-Muslim 1/74 and others.

#225- The Prophet   صلي الله علیه وسلم  said: " There are 3 things which whoever gathersall of them together, then he has gathered Iman ایمان (Ya3ni Faith): justice with oneself, greeting ppl with greetings of سلام (Peace) and freeing oneself from stinginess."

-Al-Bu5ari, cf Al-As9alani, Fathul-Bari 1/82 as a statement of the Companion 3Ammar. (x)

#226. Abdullah Bin 3Umar 9x) said: " A man asked the Prophet صلي الله علیه وسلم " What is the best act of islam?"  He said, "to feed others ad to give greetings of Salam سلام (peace) to those whom you know and to those whom you do not know".

-Al-bu5ari, cf Al-As9alani, Fathul-Bari 1/55, Muslim 1/65.


 yes to all of u!!!! wa masha'Allah to all of u!!! 


So today at the masjid we had 5otbah الخطبة  at المسجد about  أهمية الصلاة والسلام في الإسلام Importance if Salat Wa Salam (peace) in islam:

Do you know or are aware of how important the 5 daily prayers are????

well go ahead , geheeead son!! read an find out for urself!!!!

Did you know that it doesn't matter your condition, if u in war or in peace, u must PRAY!

Salat is sooo important that it is the FIRST obligatory ____ of islam.

Salat improves one's behaviour and sub7an Allah PATIENCE!!! صبر SABR!!!! which Al7mdulla i am blessed to have , if u tell me u show will show up. i will wait for u all night and i wont run outta patience. for my answers to my islamic questions iv waited 4 months from shei5!!!! and still waiting. he stood me up like 3 x now.... i dont care. am not mad . i will wait until 4ever if it takes for him to answer my الأسئلة الإسلامية . it doesnt matter to me./

The Status of the Prayer (5 Daily Salat) is soooo Great , important and soooo high that in fact it is the FIRST واجب DEED you will be acounted for on the day of judgement اليوم القيامة  "Al-Yum o Qiamah"...

Salat it is the means of achieving what Allah has put for u to achieve.

Prayer is a form of Remembrance of Allah Sub7ana Wa Ta3alla and when we do pray and make Salat "are hearts are assured" by Allah SWT.

One Seeks in Sabr صبر in الصلاة Al-Salat.

Prayer/ الصلاة makes you more proper, organized and SABUR صبور because you will plan your day out like you are suppose to , rather than jus being lazy and forget about things... sub7an Allah is true....

الصلاة makes ur Iman/ ایمان "Faith" stronger and raises Awareness. 

الصلاة  prohibits imorality and wrong doing and Evil deeds.



a HEART/9alb/قلب of a believer is attached to Allah SWT.

As Believer reads Qur'an, he knows he is close to Allah SWT.

NO one in This Donya can get closer to Allah SWT than in this Posture (Posture of Salat ya3ni. الموقف من الصلاة)

i kno there is a million more notes can be said. but this is the notes i took from 5o6bah Al-jom3ah

خطبة  الجمعة  this
was Brought to you by Masjid-Al-Iman Ali 7amadoo.


jus random pix of shei5 's giving 5o6bahz i wish i was there :( makes me miss ma baba even more :( i neva actualy got a chance to go to one of his 5o6bahs for some reason when i went bak home after 11 yrs this summer... um... he kept hiding like from goin to the masjid wif me i hav no idea why, when they kept callin him he kept ignoring and the other shei5s would call from diff #'s an he kept ignorin all the calls an then all of a sudden another random # called he had no clue later it was them an he told em he at a buisness meeting. when he was alone wif me in the car jus driving around ... have no clue why he did that i even begged him to go to one of his 5o6bahs an he wouldnt ... its ok Allah o 3lem, Allah SWT knows how much i wouldv been honored to go to one of my own BABA's 5o6bahs but.... maybe he had hes reasons, as wierd as it may sound. even ma sis like called him from japan (she lives there now for 3 yrs is been masha'Allah) um... and told him the only thing i have asked and jus talk bout is... goin to baba's 5o6bah... but not possible... i donno why... yes i am sad...but i kno im not gonna see him again for along time.... me no sure if iz another 11 yrs... but insha'Allah not...(could u imagine?? omA translation Oh My Allah SWT hehehe is ma word i always use it by the way, anywhoo could u imagine?? another 11 yrs an me be 34 omA sub7ana Wa Ta3alla.... like me wif 10 kids an married hahaha he won even know me...) cuz he promise to take me KSA next yr insha'Allah for Omrah.... i am looking forward to it. and to meet new family members which iv never met before. omg am sooo excited. i might jus stay in KSA loooool and iv never even been ahhaahah

*me runs away loooooool and stays in Sa3udiyyah ahhaha *

*me no returns*

*me gets lost in the Desert wif all the Gamels in the Sahara*

*me turns a Bedouin looooool MY DREAM*


This is kinda wat our shei5 looks like :) Sweet. i found a pic that resembles him Shei5 Afraz Masha'Allah. He is amazing. Even tho he has stood me up and made me wait 4 months now, he still amazing!!! Al7mdullah we have a shei5 like him.

Yalla u5tizzz ma3assalama

am out now


Assalamou 3leichom

                                  Assalamou 3leichom                               

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