Sunday, January 30, 2011

make Do3a for Egypt PLZ! دعاء لجعل مصر من فضلك

Bismillahe Al-Ra7mane Al-Ra7eem

In the name of Allah, The most Gracious, The most Merciful

Assalamou 3leichom my fellow Muslemin.

May Peace be Upon you my dear Muslim Borther and Sisters.


Proteaters took to the streets for a 6th night in Egypt as President Hosni Mubarak tried to reassert his authority and opposition figurehead Mohamed EL-Baradei addressed 1000's of ppl in Cairo's Tahir Square.

At this time of Crisis in Egypt , we are in Deep need of Prayers. Please i am begging you, please to after each salat please make Do3a for Misr.

I can't stress how much is necessary to do so. please ask your shei5s at your Masjids near you to make prayers after Salat Al-Jom3ah and also ask them to talk about what is going on in politics in Egypt. This is BIG! what is going on is cr8zy! is nutZ!! misr is goin
cr8zy, pleeeeeease ppl PLEEEEEASE , if u are muslim plz pray for ur muslim Brothers to have PEACE>

if you are reading this and are clueless as whats to goin on right now in Egypt, and u are muslim. WOW shame on u!!! u should turn on ur TV  watch Al-jazeera a5bar internet any news Radio. u mus be livin under a rock!!!

Now put ur hands up and make a Do3a, Ask Allah Sub7ana Wa Ta3alla to bring Peace back in Misr and make Mubarak to Go AWAY! we dont want him nomo!!!! NO MO! (No more!)

Please Read below for more information posted 33 minutes ago on abc news:

*******************************************************  "Protesters took to the streets for a sixth night in Egypt as president Hosni Mubarak tried to reassert his authority and opposition figurehead Mohamed ElBaradei addressed thousands of people in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

"The country's police have been all but forced off the streets by protesters who are bent on ending the 30-year reign of Mr Mubarak.
Tens of thousands of Egyptians have flooded into public squares in Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities, demanding that Mr Mubarak resign.
In Tahrir Square Mr ElBaradei told the crowds that change is coming and said the president must go.
The Nobel peace laureate, mandated by Egyptian opposition groups, including the banned Muslim Brotherhood, to negotiate with Mr Mubarak's regime, hailed "a new Egypt in which every Egyptian lives in freedom and dignity".
"We are on the right path, our strength is in our numbers. I ask you to be patient, change is coming," he said.
"We will sacrifice our soul and our blood for the nation," the angry crowd shouted. "The people want to topple the president."
This morning Mr Mubarak ordered the police back onto the streets and said the widely-ignored curfew was being extended for another night.
Six days of nationwide protests against Mr Mubarak's three-decade rule have shaken Egypt and left at least 125 people dead as the veteran leader clings to power.
The president has struggled to placate a nation angry at his three decades of autocratic rule with token gestures such as sacking the government.
On Sunday, parliament speaker Fathi Surour made another concession, saying the results of last year's fraud-tainted parliamentary elections would be revised.
Mr Mubarak met with army commanders who are seen as holding the key to his future, as warplanes flew over the downtown Cairo protest in an apparent show of force.
Adding to security problems, thousands of convicts broke out prisons across Egypt overnight after they overwhelmed guards or after prison personnel fled their posts.
An AFP correspondent saw 14 bodies in a mosque near Cairo's Abu Zaabal prison, which a resident said were of two police and the rest convicts.
Troops set up checkpoints on roads to riot-hit prisons, stopping and searching cars for escaped convicts.
Among those who escaped were senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as members of Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, some of whom made it back to the Gaza Strip via smuggling tunnels.
A number of foreign governments said they would evacuate their nationals, while the United States authorised the departure of embassy families."

i like an american who left this comment:

"Egyptian Government should be ashame of the way they are treating the Citizens of Egypt. they want a new Government. The people have spoken and Mubarak needs to heed the people's cry and get the hell out of dodge. and the United States Government say they believe in Democracy but look at the actions they have taken over the years in supporting Dictators like Mubarak and others. a message to our Government in the USA. pratice what you preach." comment left by:
-amenra1105 3 hours ago 28 "

plz open ur eyes.. look  @ us . we are here free. safe sound. look whats goin on in our bothers countries. plz it dont even matta u moslim or xtian jus pray to God "Allah" the Most Beneficient the Most Merciful. plz Pray he helps misr soon and fast. we dont want no more young teenagers dying in these riots. plz no more mozaherat/tazahorat.

plz pray they need all the prayers plz

and those Muslims who say "Oh well, look at all egyptions was thieves, cheaters, liers , and stole" is like are u cr8zY?? how do u call urself muslims?? i asked some to make do3a / prayer for our fellow muslims brothers an sisters as u may already know alot of us hav also family there. is nuts how some ppl muslim ppl can be sooo blinded by shaytan's foolishness. u are not to judge others u are to make do3a wen a muslim person has asked u to do so! they are in need. yes Allah SWT might be mad at whats goin on in misr an things happen for a reason. but is never too late to pray make do3a make salat. they need a change an fast, regime an personality. they still need help. plz ppl dont be soooooooooooo ignorant u make me sick when u r like this!!!! Wallah i cant belive some ppl (this is only directed to those muslims who wont pray for egypt because they think they deserve it!!! jus so u kno u r cr8zy and wrong!!! just pray! why is that sooo hard for u to pray???) aaaaarughr!!!!

these Riots need to stop. Remember what happen with IRAN last yr an am sure everyone saw what happen with Neda on live national TV. young girl got shot str8 in the heart by a gun that kills an elephant. aaaaaaaaaa look is same happenin in egypt now!  and also IRAN is doin riots right now too. "iranians hate mubarak as much as they hate israel" this is a quote as seen on news a5bar TV last night. they are burning his fotos and makin riots they want him gone. we wanna help n join.

look at egypt

ppl i am beggnin u , we NEED to pray! fast now! all and every little prayer helps...

plz i am beggin u!

بچه ها دعا برای مصر و مصریان

por favor, ayudan y hagan oraciones y oran para el Egypto y su Gente, por favor piden A Dios Lo grande, que se ayudan, q lo necesitan ahora mas k nunca.

لدعاء لمصر والمصريين من فضلك

S'il vous plaît priez pour l'Egypte

Por favor, orem para o Egito e os egípcios

Egyptians right now dont care no more. they are so done, they are thru wif it. who can take 30 yrs of the same prez. we cant.. why should they. we couldnt take even Bush nomo. voted for Obama an now we gettin tired of him too. wow... imagine them... we r soo lucky Al7mdullah we have best prezident Obama n we still complainin. man ... wallah 3ib...

he doesnt shoot us down an kill us for sayin wat we like.. ppl make fun of him n don go to jail... ppl made fun of Bush that cr8zy dude took it all. there was shows man... the Bush funny shows.. these things never happen outside of America...

"in hopes ur on the other side... talkin to me to... am i a fool, who sits alone. talkin to the mooN??"

-Bruno Mars

thats how i feel right now.. iwish i could help// but cant. not much i can do but make Do3a :(


but " when night when the starts set by my room. ill be talkin to the moon, trynna get to u,, in hopes ur on the other side, talkin to me to, oh am i a fool?? who sits alone ..talkin' to the moon?? ....Do u EVA hear me callin'???  cuz everynight im talkin to the moon...tryna get to u... "

well thats is my e7sasat right now... i wish i could talk to them... but cant get a hold of no one :(

but " i kno ur somewer out there, somewere far awaaaay"

-Bruno Marz

chek it they dont care no mo. burnin' building as big as parliments an white house,, dang... misris don care no mo... jumpin the streets hot blood runnin thru they veins is burnin soo hot is boilin they are done... they need that change soo bad... they even broke into the musumes an broke all kinds of old ancient egyptian arts an things like broke heads of 2 mummys off,, all the statues an stuff  being protected now by the popo... the pyramids are being gaurded an watched 24/7 ... they don wan him! he needs to realize. he needs to go... even his wife an kids an family flew to england.. mubarak is still there,,

his goin thru mid life crisis. he called Obama yesterday for 30 min on the fone gettin advice from him need help bad. insha'Allah Obama helps out.. yo.. they need him gone... mubarak the prez changed his vice prez

they are sacrifizing they blood an soul. in exchange to hav a better regime.. they want change even for the next generation. BAS 5ALAS is NUFF!! get out BUD!!! we dont want u! dont u get it?>??? aaaaaaaaa الخروج is that way!!!>>>>> FAHM???

for the 6th night in a row... omg we are desperatly waiting to see what is goin 5aleh Aminah all her family is there. i sit an cry with her... we cant get no contact!!!! :( no conection.. omg!! frndz an fam. we hopin they safe... wallah this iz cr8zy. wen ma frnd iDentist told me last week "Egypt is goin cr8zy right now" i didnt understand the depth of it... if they say that this iz a dream! they call this insomnia... cuz i cant sleep. i really cant explain what i feel inside.. i mean last yr when Iran went down like this too.. i was devastated. i kno i don live there an hadent went visit like 10-11 yrs.. still u kno.. i was cryin an makin Do3a.

5aleh Aminah is really upset. cuz like when iran vote problems an riots was happenin... ppl was dying.. the shei5 @ masjid made 5o6bahz an donations n tonz of Do3az,, this salat al-jom3ah.. they shei5 didnt even mention the big problem goin on in Masr/EGYPT right now... we need all the help an prayers an Do3a we can get... he didnt even bring up the issue!!! Dude is all over the NEWS/ a5bar!!! is goin cr8zy here there is peolpe protesting too! here canada and also Iran. nobody wants Hosni Mubarak! ya he a Douch! wat the Douce!? HUH!!!  he Needs to Go, need to go.. call the sacaraty. EY SACARATY fo REALZ yo! we need him out!

insha'Allah this will happen. Ameen

do3a is necessary now. plz

go and do it


Allah ma3ach

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