Wednesday, January 19, 2011

how to do a nice smokey eye


here is a lady showin us how to do a smokey eyes. pretty chill way i like it this is more of a grey blk smokey eye look

i love make up tutorials so ill post ma fav on smokey eyes but for now am fallin asleep lol

heres an awsome brown blk combination of smokey eye effect am lovin it an she soooo pretty masha'Allah

i like her ring on her lips is cute :)

sometimes i try to put ma ear ring there lol or like a small sticky jewel hahaha

she kinda reminds me of a latina A. Keyz (Alicia keys that iz)

heres another link dat i cant embed cuz the owner removed it but ill giv u the youtube link funny huh??? u online on a youtube vid an u don wanna ppl to see u or embed u on they page?? well guess wat am putin on here hahaha i don like how u do they make up i jus like the products u use cuz that nyx lipgloss is ma fav :)

chk it out gals. :)

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