Thursday, January 13, 2011

R e a L F L y L i k e a G 6

 my heart pounds 
 my heart beats
when i hear ur voice 
i ask Allah so u could repeat

ur voice so soft
a true muslim within
ur actions not rough
yet so complicated but not enough

i need a saviour
wanna be my goal?
i need to change this behaviour
will you be my soul?

 my heart pounds 
 my heart beats
when i hear ur voice 
i ask Allah if u could repeat

u inspire me
u make me weak
no matter the time of day
oh to Allah only i will seek

no matter the time or day
i need this life to repair
i do break out in tears from time to time
but i know Allah only wants me to pray

like a good muslimah
i wont let SheiTan autho'billah
guide me to the wrong path
if i trip and fall i ask Allah to guide me right back

my heart pounds 
 my heart beats
when i hear ur voice 
i ask Allah if u could repeat

no wonder im a real fly gyal like a G 6
i listen to you and only u ;
Allah Sub7ana wa Ta3ala
this ain't no Remix like a G 6 like a like a G 6

ya 7ayati al Rou7
this is my life and i roll
ya 9albi ya 3omri
i got my heart set on patrol

how is this possible, u ask..
well let me be logical at task
im no malaka, am only insaan
but insha'Allah one day, there is no more need to run

i give my lil 9albi a lil' nasee7ah
if u with me 9albi, say it loud and watha7
 don't u fall for it all. it's all a big scam
am out for now yeah, hala hala wallah

Song by : Persia La Loca

yup thats right , that;s me!! yes MEEE!!! i wrote this song!!!!  I AM  PERSIA LA LOCA! thatz me, ppl who kno me close kno das ma nick name since seattle lol cuz Loca ya3ni (means) cr8zy in spanish i think 99% of ppl know that what it means ofcorse but for that 1% who are living under a stone lol i had to mention it. so it mans cr8zy but in a good way  :) and LA obviously stands for many reasons, LA is a girl in spanish like feminine and LA also stands for Los Angeles.

anyways ; i was inspired :) and felt it come thru

all ma emotions and e7sasat :) i got a lil emotional e7sasiii lol emo az me and iDentist call it  ***looooool لوووووول inside joke so dont ask لوووووول *****

am out now ma3assalamaaaa

Ps yes am a poet. i have a written and published a book by the time i was 14 years old. Ask me bout it and one day ill show u insha'Allah. It's Poetry book obviously.

Assalamou 3leichom

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