Friday, November 12, 2010

Run over by the Queen of England..ALMOST phew....

So i was just chilling and our next door neighbour English Canadians came by to tell us a story of how the Husband who is now older got ran over by the Queen of England when he was 10 yrs old.

(i guess maybe this is what she looked like a long time ago???)

So this is how the story goes. It is true.
He use to live there as a young boy and he's uncle had taken him out one day. They decided to walk around and got lost in the crowd of tons of people. Ofcourse being a 10 year old boy in that crowded place doing his own thing, not listening to elders as little boys never do!! haha he just ran off the crowd. he jumped right on the street and saw a car coming by and he was litteraly inches away from it and standing there in shock because there came by around the corner a huge car and the Queen of England was in it doing her English wave, waving her hands and he was right there in shock. He had no clue at the time who she was he didnt know much about Queens and stuff all he cared about was kids stuff!!! so he was explaning the story and he said his nose was centimiters away from the glass . obviously the glass of the car was rolled up.

But could you imagine being almost run over by a car that carries the Queen of England. He put his hands on the glass of the car where her hands were uP!!! how cool is that :)

Now he's all grown and can tell everyone his story al7mdullilah cuz he could've been dead by now astaghferollah!!!and i got to hear  and now i get to share it with the world!!! how awsomE!!!

So being 10 doesnt mean u cant be BIG as in person he was still a 5 foot tall since he is a big guy now when he was 10. anyways he all of a sudden feels a big hand grabbing him from behind LITERRALY picking him off the ground and off the street and all yelling at his uncle for letting him loose like that. and that he could've died just now!!! (could u imagine those english Gaurds at the Queen castle yelling in their english accent haha) anyways even though it really wasnt the fault of his uncle because he was a curious kid. being as curious as kids are now you know. they need to know about everything.

At the time he had no idea it was the Queen, he just thought it was a parade and he was trying to see and figure out what it was!!! and then later on he was told it was the queen and he didnt even know  what a queen was...they had to explain to him, cuz he didnt care hahaha/ anyways after that he walked around saying he almost got ran over by the queen , he could've kissed her hahaahha

sooo funny!

NOW this is what she looks like NOW....

-story by anonymous Canadian English neighbours

So i Did have the oportunity to go to London this summer too and it was awsome!!!! i went many countries this summer. All over Persian Gulf and Eaurope (i neva know how to spell this word aaaaw i guess ill never learn bahaha) America an Canada. i will make another diary entry about my trips awsome ones!!!

But i just cant tell u how good London was. i spent the week there at my Khaleh's house they live literaly 10-15 min walk from Oxford st. one of the busiest streets iv ever seen, i know i lived in NY when i was 16 for 4 months and i been all over states Ohio, Virginia, N. Carolina, South Carolina Miami (we were running away from the huracan while i was living with my khaleh's in states.) and my sister has been living in japan for 2 years now and TOKYO is pretty busy. she wants me to visit and i just cant seem to get it to my head that i dont think i wanna go japan. i donno why... i have no interest...maybe one day... omg...

anyways i do wanna say that my aunt lives right on the block where all the middle easterns reside. morrocan lobnani, persian kordi, alot of arabic community it was awosme!!! and everyone wears beautiful proper hijab and its not forced what happens in iran is they are forced abd girls start doing strange things with it to run away from it cuz they don wanna wear it.. so takes the beauty away and they become less creative in a say islamic way they become more creative in a jahaliyah way...

but my oh my loved seeing all the proper hijabis in their beautiful outfits!!! i absolutly loved loved loved it!!!

i wish i could just take pictures of them. it was  nice and oh my God they had beautiful abayats in the bazaars there it was soo cool.. islamic bazaars :) and bodegas i loved it. i honestly enjoyed my stay in london.

a place i would love to def visit again , we was there last when we was little...

anywhoo... i did go to office with my khaleh she works for oil and shipping company (i know typical like all my ummi an baba's family do ..typical middle eastern haha ) but omg it was awsome

so i must admit the accent la7jah is very very addictive haha u jus wanna copy them while ur there is awsome!! OOOSEm :) haha awsome in english accent haha

my khaleh's husband (who is also a Seyyed Masha'Allah! Allahoma sali ala muhammad wa alii muhammad) who took me for tour every were queens palace and big ben the watch or clock or watever ocford street the bridge of london or london bridge ill try to post pix that am not in :)

oo and my uncle also took me to the art gallery omg beautiful , must let u guys know i absolutly LOVE ARTS and painting an drawings like oil painting an everything is absolutly FUN.
 i stayed there for soooo long in the gallery my uncle was like falling asleep i am soo facinated by fotos and art an i can just sit there for hours  an look at them.

i really do apriciate him taking me there since hes so active and masha'Allah in hes 80s  yes yes!!! i love him!!! he just takes all of our family on foot and bus (since they dont own a car cuz is kind  of un neccesary object of equipment there since there is bus roots and metros and everything there :) _) he is just soooo cute! like EVERY single family member that goes to visits there he takes them out like its the first time he is going there and he spends time with them there he is the most SABOUR man i have ever seen masha'Allah

actually i aint gonna lie my baba was pretty sabour too!! but ....i went to see him after 10 yrs so he better had been sabour wif me!!! hahaha cuz like he OWED me since he wasnt in my life nor did we talk nor nada.... aaaaaa strange but gotta love ur baba!!!

LOVE u baba.. u kno this is true.. is ha9i9at.... so dont front bahahah u kno i love u...

but still u did seperate from us and never re-joined us for the most crucial years in our life when mamani had to take care of us working 3 jobs at a time masha'Allah my moma's a strong LIONESS!!! like we say in Farsi : sheerzan!!! awsome... we're always protected by her....

i know people donno me by now... but heres a little stuff u get to know me witout seeing me or meeting me in person, unless u already know me and i shared my blog wif u hahaha then thats a given....

i also love stewie on family Guy ahahah hes sooo adorable and i love hes accent hows is english and he doesnt realize it!!! an he makes fun of little girl who has the british accent and he was like "whats this she speaking!? i dont understand ! lololol in an episode my husband told me about it cuz i missed it i wanna see it we tried googleing and youtubing it couldnt find it, so if anybody knows the name of the episode plz let me know..

ok ill try to post some pix and memories on my london trip

jus so u know i have family all over the world an we travel all the time its awsome ...al7mdullilah!!!

i'm trying enjoy my life while im young...or when u have kids its over lol

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