Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my pishi (la gata) is being forced to be given away by my mama-i'v had a bad day today


bismillahe rahmane al-rahim

assalamon 3leikom to ana wa anti

omA (oh my Allah) im having a big problem trying to cope with the fact that my pishi- house cat of 3 yrs old (originally my sisters before she had to move to Asia (J) for a work, only was supose go 6 months to a year , but now is her 3rd yr) is going away. well im not making her go away. my mama is the one forcing her to leave... i got so acostumbed to the fact that she will always be around... but guess what.. no she is literaly officialy gone now. gone with the wind... no more pishi. yup her name was Pishi.

she was either gonna be given away to those places for adopt cats but since she s 3 yrs old there was no way they wouldv kept she for more than 2 weeks and then they put her to rest.. ya3ni kill her... an there was no way in hell i wouldv let her die.

she is way too young and healtyh. so we had to take action 5aleh had to go and help with that. she made an ad online and found few candidates all to see that a few didnt work out and now one did. well this is how it goes.

am too depressed to even tozi7 what i am about to say, but ok ill try...PS i have ADHD so if u see or figure that my notes and blogs are here an there is cuz i cant help it am sorry  it is the way Allah SWT created me bas al7mdulillah

candidate #1
couple with baby...
pishi doesnt like babies or kids she doesnt get along since she was adopted because her real owners abused her and seperated her from her mama and she did not get the sufficient milk required from she's mother..when this happens they becomes strange like the rest of the world is alien to she. it dont even matter how much or how long u be nice to she , she still doesnt trust u and never will sub7an'Allah. she doesnt get along with other cats, animals or pets ya

candidate #2
a elderly couple who as soon as they saw she's picture was super excited . the wife called and they just wanted her since before they had a cat exactly look like her. but when it was time for pishi to go, the husband said they want her after New Years since they are going away for Christmas (they are khareji elderly couple) and her husband said no for now and she said she doesnt assume or excpect we would keep her till then.. my sis was supose to come back from (J) in Feb before we move officialy to so-Cal and she couldve seen she...

that left us to candidate #3
a husband wife who when 5aleh called on their answerin machin was a 3rd name which indicating they either hav a dog or kid...?? so she quickly called and they said their 19 yr old boy jus moved out and they were depressed and missing him and he was their 3rd and last kid and they all gone and they needed a replacment to take mind off matter... so it sounded like a good call. 5aleh went down there . they had a nice house (ps pishi is a house cat) and the lady was in a wheel chair and she is at home all day... so ya... basically is a good house a good thing and good ppl to be given away too. since pishi is not super friendly since she was abused as a child... she doesnt even like being pet like if u grab she to pet she she screams and runs away and we got acostumed to loving her that way... no other gato will replace her... but i am happy if we are doing a good thing by giving her away ya3ni get a thawab that these ppl are happy to have she... maybe they need pishi more than we do...

but am still depressed and saw .. bas al7mdullilah cuz i came to open my email and read this below article and i cant be so la shokri u know from Allah SWT cuz Allaho 3lem.. Allah SWT knows best why pishi had to be given away. like everything happens for a reason u know..??? well there always a daleel behind it...

heres the article read for yourself you will be tears i promise. wallah

Bride-to-be moves on after tragic prank

Tue Nov 23, 10:51 AM
Mike KrumboltzThe Newsroom

A few weeks before her wedding day, Rachelle Friedman went out for her bachelorette party with some close friends last May. After a night out on the town, the group went to the home of Rachelle's best friend.

The friend playfully pushed Rachelle into the swimming pool, something they'd done to each other many times before, but this time the bride-to-be landed on her head, paralyzing her from her chest down.

In the ensuing six months, Rachelle has worked to adjust to her new reality. Despite the odds and the tragic turn her life has taken, she is "doing awesome," Friedman says in a Monday interview with the "Today" show. She credits her family and her fiancé, Chris Chapman, who says in the segment that the wedding is still on: "I never once thought about leaving her or this situation." As for the friend, whose name Rachelle wants to keep from the press, Rachelle says, "I'm absolutely best friends with the girl…. Blaming her would be ridiculous."

In a recent interview with ABC News, Friedman recalled more of the accident. "I instantly went stiff and couldn't move," she said. "I weirdly did not panic. I kind of knew exactly what happened, and I floated up to the surface and said, 'Help,' and then my friends called 911."

ABC reports that the doctors at the hospital "quickly determined that Friedman had suffered a C6 spinal cord injury, leaving her unable to walk or even feel sensation beneath her collarbone." Friedman spent nearly three months in the hospital before beginning rehab. It was then, according to ABC, that she learned just how difficult things were going to be.

"It was definitely a reality check about the long road I was going to have," Friedman said. She has no function in her hands and fingers. "I didn't think about that in ICU," she said. "You only think, 'I'm not going to walk.'"

In addition to the incredible physical challenges, there have been significant financial strains as well. She is receiving
help from Medicaid, but if she marries Chapman, their combined income will make her ineligible for assistance.

Complicated insurance questions have also been an ongoing issue. A
widely read article from CNN explains more of the challenges that Friedman and future husband Chris Chapman have faced in the weeks leading up to what will be Friedman's first Thanksgiving in a wheelchair.

Despite all the challenges, Friedman is doing her best to stay active. She joined a wheelchair rugby league and holds no ill will toward her friend. Her general philosophy on rehab also keeps her going: "Almost all of it is attitude."

i have to look at everything in a positive attitude or i cant move on with life. i lost 6 people this past 2 years that i cared deeply about since i get attached soo easily. one a muslimah sister(sediqa-amiga-frnd-doost) and one a family member (not related by blood by since so close to the family was considered a family member). and MJ actually i was so close to him so i feel horrible since he is gone from this earth, he had done so much for the earth and it felt like he was "gone to soon" but nothing much we can do.. i guess it was his time...but he was taken down!!! and i have a blog to make about that!!! its not just now i care so deeply about MJ iv always cared and since we were tiny kids and lived in singapour for 3yrs my mama took us to see him...ill explain in another blog. iv always felt so close to him, we were only 5 and 6 (mi hermana and i). i also lost a friend (as in like she moved away and out of my life there is a blog about her) the last one is nothing i wanna get into and i dont wanna talk about (right now i can hear the song by Celine Dion-titanic song omg stop it my heart will goooo on. when i was a little baby i use to sing this when i didnt even speak english!! omg!!! cr8zy!!! i use to memorize i didnt even know what i was sayin!!!! and its a little girl singing it how cute reminds me of me when i was a little girl hahaha) so plus the 6 people i just lost a dear pet my cat my pishi (even tho it was originaly my sisters i took more care of she than my sis did since she moved to (J).

so i know how it feels to lose friends, family and now a dear pet cat PISHI.



 am just here to say that:
i even tried like doing my favorite things, shopping frees, Avon make up perfumes. going to a make up Galla event and droppin a few hund. aaa and like drinking caramel cappuccinos with the famos star bucks whip cream and caramel. hmm... and like making Du3a so i can stop thinkin about it and less stress and reading Qur'an , eating halwa and sohan and gaz(persian shirirni an sweets) and like oat meal with cinamon and brown sugar like tons and coffee cream just a little to make it thicker and sweeter and add a little touch of white sugar too haha... calling my sis and crying long distance. and like telling all my friends and like... wearing my fav lipstick hot 5aleedgy pink and like putting on loads a make up (as i love to do as a make up artis wannabe haha but am pretty dayumm good ok! try me! and u'll c) and also on my lil cuzin! Ps she use to live in Saudi Arabia when young and then Dubai and then kurdistan iran and now they moving to friggin Yemen hahaha how awsome is that???  anyways is cuz her baba got a job there.

basically i did everything i could including writing a blog about it and stayin up all night eating chocolate and coming up with ways how to convince my mamani to keep her and stuff i begged her but she said no still... walla i donno wat to do no more...

bloggin tho def helps...

ooo not to mention i even like called fam back home and like ... aaaaaaaaaa like painitng ya that makes ma stress go away tons... iv had alot of it lately... going thru alot of emotional stress its like a emotional train state roller coaster wateva u wan call it i think am taking a trip for my bday in jan (ya am a capricorÑa jajajA) i think maybe either to Disneyworld in miami or Disneyland in California but am always there.. well in Feb we r going to Cali when my sis gets back from JAPan and we will rock it ... str8 up to Aladdin show all and night ahhaah an roller coasters we jus go California adventure no were else hahaha all day all night is fun we go every 3-4 months yearly pass is required still haha... since they are thinkin of discontuning the Aladdin show which has been on for 7 yrs str8 and is doing bomb u know . they tried last yr ppl complained so they are keepin it for another 2 yrs or so but not garanteed so me and ma sis wanted to make a petition and take it to city hall in disneyland and ask for tons a people authograph to make it stay longer. omg i also love taking art classes in the disney section for painting and art we learned how to draw micky qucikyl is awsome yo! am telling u is BOMB explosive i love that class we go back to back hahaha we jus stay there jaaajajaaj i love ma sis and i miss she alot... il make a blog on ma sis and ill make a blog on our tons a trips and forever to Disneyland... so am wondering if i go disneyworld in miami doesnt have the Aladdin show... an in feb am goin alreadt to frikin cali... soooo um....... lets see...

ima have to come up wit solutions..

i can go Mexico since i already have a da3wat to Cozumel

i can go Bandar Abbas with one of my homegirls like muslimah sis she really wants go Iran and 5aleej Fars trip and then we can also go kish....or vise versa stay at kish in the nicest Persian 5 star hotel an take a trip to bandar abbas ....

i can go london england again..but mmm... maybe in summer an stay for a bit...

i can go Puerto Ricoooo San Juan...

i can go.... japan and stay wif ma sis in Tokyo since she jus moved from an smaller island to tokyo is bomb she says but am scared of like busy towns i like dead old towns hahaha like even in cali LA is like sholough polough for moi aahahaha we stay in a nother place i aint gonna disclose my location of our house hello!!! hahaha

hmm... never been to saudi arabia but baba is takin me nxt yr insha'Allah for a Hajj Omrah

um...  i kinda wanna go Oman again... i didnt spend too much time there...

i have a special interst for Masr and Ma9rib... hmmm... they both cool...

or somewere sweet in like Caribbean or SudAmerica... will see...

i really need a trip. very soon is been like almost 3 months and i havent gone no were omg!

Bas Al7mdulillah

sorry for the long post

and ill post some more nicer and professional pix of pishi pretty soon...

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