Thursday, November 25, 2010

Languages Required to Read this Blog

hahaha i guess i thought i should let y'all know that the language mix in this blog is quite mixed. i got from all over the map, well obviously English hahaha since typing in english keyboard and then Persian (Farsi) Arabi and also Spanish, also few Kurdish here and there an Ghetto english ahahahah and some french here and there not too much since i dont speak it but farsi Persian has alot of french load words :) since they took us over and stuff... anywhoo.... so keep in mind main 4 languages required to read this BLOG in total is:

1) English
2) Persian (Farsi)
3) Arabic (3rabi)
4) Spanish (Español)

***and few random quotes in Kurdish and few random words in French  

Muhahaha am still up, ain't that cr8zyY! am majnoona!! la loca i told u is like 12 pm and i didnt sleep all night last night cuz like my pishi (la gata mia) the cat had to be gone... and i had grown after 3 yrs so acostumed to she.... so sad... but now she is in a good home and i prayed and made Du3as also :) insha'Allah she will fit in just right and insha'Allah the family lets us visit she when ma sis gets back from J and go and see she...

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