Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spanish Guitar

          3s Que ya no Puedo mas sin ti

Es que yo no puedo mas sin ti
es Que me haces sonÑar
es Que me haces Reir

 es Que toda mi vida estava buscando algo como tu
y ahora k te tenia pa un ratito
y Que ya no ta en mi vida
te extraÑo mucho mucho muchisiisisissimooo

 es que vivo por ti
respiro por ti
es q me daste un abrazo k toavia me tiene calintado

 oye loco, Ay q loco es la vida

hasta cuando me vas a sufrir

hasta cuando me tienen k morir???song by la doncita

Don't you just get facinated by the Culture of Spain??!!? My great grand mother from my mom's side was originally from Spain, therefore made her a Spanish Persian descent. The only thing has remained in our family is the language. I Speak it fluently but i don't know too much about the Spanish culture of Spain since i've never ever been there, part of our family back in the day moved to Dominican Republic and never came back. So i've been to DR 4-5 times, but the Culture there is QUITE different and i mean quite different than the one from Spain, insha'Allah one day i will be going to EspaÑa. We have a family friend of my moms side who lives in Mexico, they are part lebanese, part spanish, part italian and french but full blood mexican hahaha i donno how to explain it but thats how Mexico is built. just like Iran is a mix of cultures huge mix melting pot it would be quite fun to go.soo...she has invited me to go for 6 months or so there for a stay, i am seriously thinking about it, and taking it up as an advice, since her house is RIGHT on the BEACH LA Playa el sa7el~~!! how awsome is that noW??? tell me .. hmm... tell me tell me...yup i did este5are tho (well not me but my baba who's a sheikh) he did it for me moi!!! ana!!! lol i love all my languges even tho theire all kinda broken, except farsi an spanish but kordi an arabi is messed up big time an obviously i speak english cuz we learnt englisi abroad! al7mdullilah. but my Spanish in general is better than my farsi, donn why.. but thats just the way it is. my Farsi is awsome too. dont get me wrong but i dont use big words since we left when i was young from iran and moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Anywhoo...back to the same ol' same ol' subject, where was i now??? oh ya este5are.. well basically at the time  i was actually pretty confuse i had a sargijeh too so ya it wasnt the right now.. la sa7... but will see... it didn't came out too amazing. did one for stay at my khaleh's in california and that didnt lay out too good niether as i remember it. same khaleh that i lived with in NY /Ohio when i was 16 for 4 months.

pues te dejo asi. la cancion de aca era de yo. no keria decirlo en ingle.. pero si puede leer este mensaje ahora en espaÑol pue sabe k era de yo!!! jajaja mera mera look look trankilizate. i made u look. jijiji

ok ya me tngo k ir pero otra dia boy a escribir mas k una cancione...

ciao por ahora


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