Sunday, November 7, 2010

دفتر خاطرة

اين دفتر خاطرات من ه!!!

Kholase this is my daftar 5aTerah digital . This blog is jus for me moi mi to keep my thoughts organized aa i love to an am a knit frik n perfectionista n love to ave everythin perfect ( no i don care bout ma writing perfect i means my fekr o 5ial)

This blogs is jus fun cuz i LOVE colors n decorating n islam n fun stuff oo bu5ur make up n 3oud ko7l n 7enna n 3baya n 3rabi i will hav seperate posts for each category jus started my blog yesterday i been meanin tho open it for months i wanted to join in wif ma cuzin n make one jus befor she leaves to Saudi Arabia then off too Yemen since her baba jus got a job in Yemen he use to live in Kurdistan-iran :)

Anyways iv never been to Yemen !!! Insha'Allah one day been too Oman tho since is soo close to dubai :D but my 7uBBi (get it? hubby+7BB= 7uBBi lololol ) anywhoo since he from there insha'Allah one day i go 2 !!!

Oh  P.S. too. I been married for 2 yrs n few months now al7mdullilah

omg is 4:29 AM n my hands is freezin freezedoraaaaa (only ma sis an ma 7ubbi kno what dat izzzzz) i gotta go warn my hands yalla ma3assalama

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