Saturday, November 20, 2010


Age is a timeless matter
it comes and and it goes with a swift of a wind
The time in between don't matter
when you donno what's within...
reading between the lines
it doesn't matter what combines...
love,hate,anger,sadness; age is still matra7
for the day i wake up and see the truth is and it's sa7
age doesnt matter if your young or you're old
age doesn't come between the warm or the cold
age is just a unbreakable number
when u falling in love it doesn't matter whether
if you old, young, you're weak or you're strong
I believe age was put on us to give us a test
to put us through a circle of life we never expect
age is just a simplified case and you see with the rest

-by La Loca

(La Loca is me since i won't disclose my real name since people like to steal your identity and its happened to me that's why am so paranoide and won't disclose any personal information on maself like something that might lead someone to know me in person unless i am the one who told u about this blog in person , then in dat case u know who i am an what s my real name,. but till then.. i aint spillin' , i did once and it caused troubles, so people keep ur personal private info to urself k??? Wallah is much better)

i want it to continue it. since i wrote the poem yesterday and i just kinda fixed it up an changed a few words today. but i dont feel like writing more on it , till the day i do... ta ta  lol :D


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