Saturday, November 27, 2010


heres a calli lilies asked by a  dear friend couple that i met since they were my patients for like almost 5 yrs now!

so basically i do painting for friends and family :) i like my art to be rememberd and apriciated and enjoyed not just for me and for myself since i am not selfish at all haha

heres stage one last night hahah

at like 3 am

so thats just the canvas and in black pencil HB

heres second phase in some color water colors and oil painitngs and also brush markers to start off with. and this is at like 7 am ... see i have ADHD some nights i cant even sleep even tho i worked today still i stayed up all night so ya i do random arts an crafts things in nights :) i will be gettin a new awsome hot pink 5aleegy style Sony laptop ahahaha how awsome is that????? yay then i can blog some more and at home hehehe

 ill be posting more as i go through stages here and there.
ill try to post the actual times :) soon

finallay wow is 10-17 am on da day of 3shoura

n here i am postin this foto tableau of my art display

awsomeness llook at em jeweles das how i roll they be crystals yo!!

closer look of it .. done by me LAPersia3rab


ma3assalama actually sob7 al kheir is 10;26 en el sob7 bahhahha ma3assala salamaaa

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