Friday, November 26, 2010

McDonalds AAAuuurghhh NASTY!!!


OMA(Oh My Allah)!!! soooo i just found out today what macdonalds stuff is made out of its disgusting. i was obsessed with it and i always ate it and i was like YEY mackiee deez it makes me so happy and i always wanted to eat it and stuff and feel good during the eating time with all the sugar making u high and then after u feel like ish and u jus wanna throw up and u always get sick u knoWWWW like EWWW disgusting  honestly wallah i am not joking i have sooo many bad mackedeez stories to tell u .  let alone macke deez i will aslo tell u about KFC and u will puke i promise u will @ the least GAG for sure is like NASTY !!!

ill b updating and posting way more on this subject but for now look what chicken nuggets are made out of!!!

isnt that jus down right disgusting????????? i kno so just stop eating it!!!

and heres a 4 yr old mcdonald chees burger

ok so they wash their meats with amonia..gross take bacteria away ewwwwwww

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