Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eid al-Adha عيد الأضحى or عید قربان

ARE u READY for 3eidddd!????

So this is the 3id which is considered "the Greater Eid" or "Festival of Sacrifice". This 3id is said to be on Tuesday the 16th of Nov,2010 this year. :)
This is a islamic holiday ta3tilat :)
Basically this 3id is celebrated because Allah had asked as a act of obedience to him, that  prophet ابراهيم  (SA) Qorban his son (9orban=sacrifice). Basically this day is celebrated to show his bravery that he would do anything as Allah had asked him to.

(thats a picture above that shows hazrat ibrahim 9orbanin his son for Allah Sake, but a Ram was 9orbaned instead as Allah wished)

But guess what, so hazrat ibrahim showed his willingness to qorban his own son, but instead by Allah's command he was able to sacrifize a RAM!!!  isn't that just amazing!!!

sooo on this special day we as Muslims we celebrate this special day by sacrifizing a BIG sheep :) sob7n  Allah i absolutly love sheeps. i was always called sheep back home in Iran by Tehranis in school cuz i have really curly black Arabic hair as is called there :) and in Farsi Sheep is cute and is said "babaa'3ee" hehe yup thats moi! since i have hair like it i feel special :)

anyways back to the subject on this day we cut the meat of the sheep into 3 equal parts and distribute it amongts family and friends and neighbours and poors miskin people. First we make the meat 7alal. Wa Ba3den  1/3 of the share is kept for us, then the 2nd part of the share goes for our family friends and neighbours and then the 3rd part of the share goes for miskim and the poor & needy.

3id=Eid=Festival :)

so in Suratol-Baqarah Ayat al-196 is were is described the 2 Eid's and one if 3id ul-Fitr and other is Eid al-Qorban or 3id-al-Adha . :)

so the  التقويم الهجري or in Farsi/Persian تقویم هجری قمری  is a Lunar calendar of 12 lunar months. So basically the calendar is based on 9amr ya3ni moon in 3rabi and Farsi.

So 3id ul-Ad7a is celebrated on the 10th day of the 12th islamic month. :) if that makes sence. This month is called Dhu al-Hijjah  ذو الحجة which is based on the lunar islamic calender. al-ta9wim al-hajri al-9amari.

So since the months are based on the Qamr and change yearly this is how its calculated. for those of u who donno. 3id ul-Adha is aprox 70 days (2 months and 10 days) after the end of month of Ramadan.

The celebrations starts for this Eid after al-Hajj in Mecca, Saudi arabia (Mecca is the annual pilgrimmage of all the muslims in the Donya that need to go once in their life time(if they can ie have the money and ability to go to it) to al-HAJJ الحج! it is a Wajeb mandatory pillar of ISLAM. it is one the 5 Pillars of Islam.

So the Eid celebrations of Eid al-Adha lasts until sunset of the 13th day of  ذو الحجة .

hope u guys have a great 3id coming up and have fun!!!

i got my new 3baya al7mdullilah for 3id! yey!!

I (HEART) Baba'eez
i just bought myself one!!! and i named it BABA'EE :)

This is how u say it in 3rabi Farsi and Kordi


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