Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bandari Boushehri khaleegy music group گروه موزیکیة آقایه شنبه زاده

گروه موزیکیة آقایه شنبه زاده

this was a band i saw when we use to live in kish jazireye kish!!!

Shanbehzadeh Ensemble was founded by Saeid Shanbehzadeh in 1990. Ensemble offers a rare aspect of the traditional music and dance of the Persian Gulf, more specially of the province of Boushehr, south of Iran and bordering Persian gulf. The music of Boushehr is an amalgam of the traditions of Persians, Arabs, Africans and Indians, thanks to the trading routes that intersected there.

here is aghaye shanbezadeh!!! i met him an hes crew when we was young! on the streets when they werent that famous they use to sing an make moneY! awsome CREW!!!
and amazing dances too!!

that little kid is shanbezadeh junior!! masha'Allah

Naghib Shanbehzadeh (tombak, zarbetempo) started to learn music in Boushehr and Kish with his father at the age of 3 and plays the traditional percussions of Southern Iran (dammām, doholgap, pipè, kesser). He has worked for 2 years on the tombāk in Tehran with the master Mahmoud Frahmand

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