Saturday, November 6, 2010

well well now:AL zowji al-Yemeni : زوجي اليمني

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
أنا أحب خطيب

Assalamon Aleikom I am 23 yrs old muslima:Shi3'a from Persian Gulf Al-5aleej Al-Farsiyyah  :) . I am Persian 3Arab, born in Bandar-Abbas raised in Dubai. my mama is Persian baba
is Saudi (3rab-irani).

i was already have 5aTeeb 7bb esma  فارس  "Fars" . he is 3rab Yemeni and he is from Radha'a but raised in San'a. he is also Shi3'a like moi and he is a Seyyed (related to the family of Prophet Muhammed SAWS and he's name is written in al-kitab from the dow-lat of KSA & Yemen for proof) masha'Allah. his فارسي  is not so so good but he can get by- he speaks just mostly 3rabi عربي but understands Persian pretty well. Since Yemen was taken over by Persians and ruled by us for 500 yrs, there are so many traces of Persian Yemeniz and alot of same words in yemeni arabic taken from persian and alot of similar culture. and also alot of Yemenis moved to Iran too along time ago, the yemeni tribes in iran try not to mix so they would still stay pure yemeni but is hard and some came 30 yrs ago to iran they already were mixed persian an yemeni arabs alonger time ago than that. :) my FArsi is good!! al7mdullilah. but my 3rabi!! bar3aks or ma3akis lol hahaha my kordi sucks tho! 3rabi i get by. but since baba married off to emirati women is been 13+ yrs dont lived with him for that long since he is 2 other wifes than my mama and they are seperated. so my Saudiness is pretty random hahaaha

am out for now



 Located to the east south of the capital Sanaa after (268 km), rising about (2250 meters) above sea level, and the province of white-mediated several provinces, bordered on the north parts of the provinces of Marib and Shabwa, on the east parts of the provinces of Shabwa and Abyan, and from the south Parts of the governorates of Abyan, Lahj, Dali, and Western parts of the governorates of Dhamar, Ibb, Dali


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