Tuesday, February 8, 2011

White people i ♥ u!!!!

Heres an apple for u to hav a brighter day


We jus had an earthquaaakeee


It was soooooo scarey

Its the 3rd earthkake iv felt in my life.

But it was the biggest.

Jus a min ago

Me n mamani ran outside

My hearts still poundin really harddd.

I was jus typin ,

N it happened.

It was soooo scarey but kind cool lol

but im still shocked

We supose to hav a big zelzeleh here in the nxt 5"4-5 yrs thats gonna destroy suposedly the whole island we on so we supose to prepare mama said she gona male sandoq n we put all of our madarek lik passports n papers n etc out omgggg So it don burn

Hav u felt a zelzeleh befor!??

It was soooo creepy

But sub7an Allah.

Iz amazing

I thought we wer all gonna die lol

omg It was creepy

N i thought how ma sis in japan was gonna feel... If we had... U kno ... Astaqferollah but u kno.... It can happen only Allah SWT knows n is aware of what happenes n what not ...

Anyways Sooooo...

I memba wen we lost a very close fam memba here n mama had jus left the night before to go japan see ma sis n ppl they foned me to tell me i did not comprehend what they wer sayin i was @ da mall suposedly meeting with this sa3udiyyah chick from da masjid who stood me up for 3 an 1/2 hours so i was in one spot by the food court toys'R'us n starbucks goin in cirlces kinda waitin for her.

2 min later i called bak the ppl who had called me to giv me the tal5 news ya3ni a5bar bitter ya3ni bitter news . n asked if wat i heard was true n they said ya n i jus started ballin ma eyes out n like it was the worst thing eva i passed out n guess who shows up ... Ya miss sa3udiyyah almost 4 hours late (patience haha me was waitin soo long for she. So she had showed up wif her husband n kids n they woke up n ereone had came to help, why show up wif ur husband anyways i wouldnt be able to hang out wif u guys both! An i called a millli Billi times why not like answer n u jus txt bak...anywhoo the wonders of peeps she jus wanted to hang wif me cuz i was shi3ah :) n she was shi3ah i wish we gotta chance to hang but after that she was complety gone bak to KSA... Returned) i had to get up off ma feet n up on da ground n call mama n ma sis u5ti in japan n tell dem da bad news me was cryin sooooo hard did not help

It was cr8zyyy i called ma sis's japaneze celly n told her need to speak wif mama but she heard me cryin n wouldnt hand da fone to mamani so i finaly told her she screamed @ me n told me to stop joking about this matter n NEVER again to do soo!'! :-@ (*`へ´*)
( angry face) and i was like :-O (;゜0゜) (shocked face) giv me fone mama so i tol mama a day later they took plane bak n mama had jus left da day befo in the mornin! Cr8zy huh

Dat was da closest person we had lost here well he was not blood related most of ppl here that we are sooo close to are "white" and das why i was soooo mad for some1 who acuse me of not liking them... Jus because i said the kalameh "white" but i also say "black" n thats not racist so y on earth we hav to be careful with da word white we all uae it here all north America n Americas we do so... N we also use "brown for middle easterns hispanic n east indians" n we also use "colored" wich is a term everyone uses here like we say colored people .. I maself included ... Or a white person calls me olive or tanned skin... How is dat being racist wen u describing someone they way they look!?? Tall dark short light the popo needs a lil bit more specific info dan dat if we was chasin a criminal sa7!????
I kno i always jump off topic n subject but that is how this convo started with ma best frnd. Now it aint about race now!!! I love michael jackson black or white i love ke$ha white or tanned i love tigerwoods asian philipino or blk/white ... I love j.Lo Boricua Puerto Rican i love Kim kardash (kardashian) Persian Armenian olive skined brown tanned etc... She all dat an a bag a chips .... I love Ri Ri (Rihanna) white n black n Barbadosian Caribbean...why on earth wouldnt i... I live an grew up in Mericas wer all of us races are intermixed ...more dan bak home wen is all bout race now like The game and lil wayne say in song called : "My Life"

Bak 2 da Basics ;

This person we lost was white n was the sweetest up most kindest person alive that i had known all ma life i kno its 7aram to cry for dead but i cried 1 week str8 n to wait for mama n sister to return wen i was ALONE cuz this person was like our gaurdian kind of n we had lost them Allah yara7mah ... Anyways it was amazing sub7an Allah ... I never understood

He was our neighbour an he was like 87 n had a sudden heart attack n fell on his head an shattered his skull n died instantly the doctira said e felt no pain cuz aparently he was gone before hittin the floor in his head cuz he never had the chance to stop himself as in hold his hand infront of him to protect his forhead from touchin da ground and his skul from shattering into pieces.l i called n ran to da hospital n asked if there was stil nuff time abd if they could still take ma heart n put it in exchange for his heart so he could live cuz he was the bestest person i had eva met in ma life.

This is how we met; He was the only neighbour who talk to us.

Cuz bak home is acostomery wen u move somewer u knock on neighboura doors take a shirini or choclate or a gift n introduce urself

Well we are richest part of town wich everyone is white n even chinese are not allowed.. U call it racists!? Well yes they are here...

N each door mama knocked on were super rude one threw her gift n told her she is not happy us immigrants are taking over this part of town that is not for us

Another told her to NOT EVER RETURN ON her property ever again

Another told her they dont want their kids to be exposed to us...

All white ppl they were, but the last door mama knocked on with all her courage after getting yelled out by all the other white ppl cuz this part they are pretty racist , it was "Bill's" door n he was an old English man

still white

Wif white hair n blue eyes an his cain

And he was the sweeeeeetest of them all

Wallahe u would think jus because he was older he was more racist (cuz of their uobringings back in the day only white is right kuklaxklan kkk etc) n he would try to kick us away wif his cane to get off his lawn lol but we ended up becomin best friends

He even came to our graduation n birthdays...

Wich our baba never was there

So u see how close we were...

His wife had passed away n he was ill n couldnt do much, nurse would com n help him . So each day mama cooked breakfast lunch for him either took it there n sat wif him n ate therr or brought him here n we all ate togeter n for supper we took him out for dinner or jus mama cooked something big n e came over

He had open heart surgery n they had told him he didnt have much time left n couldbt live much longer dat he was really ill. After he met us me ma sis n mama ... He lived 7 more yrs than wat was told by the doctors ... It was amazin i stil miss him to this day. I looooove white ppl if u havent noticed ... He is my family... Wen ppl asked what happened i said i lost the closest family member iv eva had beside my mama... Even once i said i lost my father... I didnt mean it to come out that way but he use to be like the ONLY man figure i had seen n grew up to in my life . Much older yes like a grandpa yes but since baba had left us for the maid... We had absolutly no baba to look up to at all... N he wasnt talkin wif us niether... So.... U kno ...

His own sons...Bill's own sons Never even once came n visit him but wen he died they were around all the time... Cr8zy huh!??

N like 5aleh Linda is also white but she is like my 5aleh ... We say she our aunt here she is French-Irish Canadian super nice lady i wish u could meet her . One day ill introduce u to her some how lol

An plz remember! I LOvE cacausians ya3no white ppl :) :D i adore them... If they wer so close to me i would giv up ma life for them. Like i tried for Bill but they wouldnt let me they said he was already gone n i begged n begged but the Doctors/Nurses and hospital ppl said NO! :-@ sad but cr8zyyyy huh i wanted to save him i wish i could but it was too late and Allah SWT wanted it that way it was written dat way...

I always write novels to u . Lol hope u dont mind n if u do mind plz tel me n ill stop i don realize wen i am doin it until i look after am finished an iv written a whole book to u looooool


The End


Maybe is the end or the behining we neva know loool

Cuz i always end up writin a milli pages more even after am done




Bye :)

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