Sunday, February 13, 2011

5leejiyyah Bandari :)

Bismillahe Al-Ra7mane Al-Ra7im
Assalamou 3leichom to ALL!

welcome to my Blogspot. How y'all doin?? i made her little outfit stand out an pop didnt i? lol i love her hijab ya i did it wif paint program az u can tell...

anywhoo here is more of her i jus did two diff versions... one with full black 3baya one with ribonned front black 3baya...


WelL P3RsonAlly i Lik3 3bayaz wiF FlAtzz u C

but wat to do i was actually gonna make her high heelz hide n look as if they was flat but would make she so damn tall an i wouldnt like it lol. it  looks wierd super loooong 3baya hehe nope. u gotta  wear flats wif it. is a must :)

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