Saturday, February 12, 2011

muslimah fashion police popo

autho billahe min a shaitan ee Rajeem.. Bismillahe Ra7mani Ra7eem

Assalamou 3leichom to aLL!!

so i been meanin to do this sooo much.. like i wanna turn these beautiful party indoor closed for outside muslimah fashion

so ill be the fashion police an crown maself the judge loooooooooooooool


yup so anywhoo heehee

sooooo let shei6an walk off an stop him from guiding u to the wrong path, i swear is sooooooo easy wallahe... u all kno it... we all know how easy it iz to fall in his trap!!! is a TRAP!  lets all try be strong as muslimahzzz the ONLY correct way.. to be .... as a insan a person....i definitley get trapped all the time.. i jus try to read surat al-Nas.. i should hefth surat al-kahf and i nead to read Surah al-Taubeh .. it be good excercize.. wallah... i jus been doin begingins (first few pages of surah al Baqarah ) lately i do tajweed. (tajweed ya3ni reciting AL-Qur'an Al-Kareem with a Soat u kno... tjweed is more flowy than jus regular satr8 kitabi reading )

heres the blog spot for it the link below... but ill be postin pix off of it an then ma versions jajaa somehow... well wil c how it goes.. il try ma best hhaha

 So This is Missy with no outside clothes.. michelle McAdams

here is my version :P for outside. and ya ...
more islamicly fit an correct an sa7i7

 yaaay me love paint long time loool

makes miracles happenz...

so here is another lady melissa leo... BTW ionno who these ppl are lol they were jus in like fashion posts of msn n stuff so i thought id share since i was diggin they dresses n u kno me like dresses am a dress girl :)

BOO! heres my version lol

likey?? lol

girl i could transform ya ... i can do it for ya.. i can transform ya lol ya like a transformer lol

mizz Real Pretty lady below mizzzzzz

round of a clause (or pause or plause or wateva is said there loooool)

Mizz Kerry Washington

like i said i am takin they names right off the website.. hahaha me donno they names yo.. jus seen em n stuff...

so heres her sisterhood version :) ( Sister in Islam)

dude why don we hav some fly sistaz dat are famous in fashion in hollywood? lol

*me go on an start up a Muslimah Fashion Show lol*

bahahaha :) didnt turn out as good as i imagined or wanted to anwyas but o well...

here we go .. on an on an on

like days go by''

min go by

life goes by

an its all a test

do u pass it??

can u pass it??

lets says insha'Allah an try our bestest.

heres mizz Cameron Diaz.. ya i knew dis one.. Charlies Angles bak in high school mode lol.

ok so heres...
my Bandari Princesa Version :)

so aah ya here is  type # 1 but me like to see how it goes with Bandari ni9ab also
so heres type # 2

you b da judge ... wich one of the 2 u be likin :P

next lady Rosamund Pike

lets see wat i do to her outfit jejeje

ya am Diggin' her style!

No Diggity No Doubt :p

ok so Muslimah Fashion Police to the Rescue jijji

here iz mamacita Bella... Her name is Blake Lively.. she sure is Lively jeje

here we bak in a few lol

iPersia PhotoShop @ Task. lol

PS am diggin her outfit an jewelry das wat i do . i rock the purple dresses wif da turqouis jewelry all time

..nxt ones not 2 hard

is um.. lady Natalie Portman

here is Original

here is my version

this ones was easy actualy she was kinda covered already looooooool

here is um nxt lady b

michelle williams

as a Muslimah Sista :)


Oooh i like her alot lol totally 5leeji style :)

Crown her Mizz 5leejiah :p

ok last but not least

oo wait dang

 i did em all loooool

niiiice jejeje :) awsomeness :P

am off to go watch ARABIA now @ the IMAX~!!!! ye ye ye!!! am proud proud Muslimah Middle eastern Perian 3rab lol the only 2 shows iv eva been to the iMax is Ibn Batutta ... ya who his mama is Persian baba Maghrebi. and other was a science class wajeb called sharks or some :) it was bomb tho. for those y'all who donno wat iMax is, eaither google it or youtube.. but is dayum BIG 3D screen movie theatre with short type movies education or documental movies.

anywhoo gotta go gonna b late!!1

yallaaa ma3asalaaamaaaaa


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