Wednesday, February 2, 2011

iWorry convo w/ iDentist; "im a freakin TACO!" ima tackle u HARD~!

iWorry convo w/ iDentist


sad face iWorry

-ok dw ;).

K but iW.



Fahm o la fahm? loool.

-la fahm :D

 Looool iW ya3ni iWorry lol.

The new apple product by Mac.

Didnt u see it on da news!?

Ya is version 2.0 by LA Persia LA
Loca ;) is also good for the
immune system :).

- iw niceone.

 wow took u a milli yrz to figure
that one out


Must b all the gasoline in ur
head makin u slow like a turtle
looool jkkkk astaqferollah :).

(posts a pic of asteqferollah astaqferollah astaqferollah)

 -many ppl will buy it. Loool

i tink so i will launch it in misr
1st hahaha

n then yemen

n den jrdn

n den ksa.

 -lol good idea :D.

But i tink tunis already made a bootlegger double fake one launced before

2 weeks ago so ima sue dem.

Cuz it was stolen idea.
Cuz it was stolen idea from iPersia.

Looool omg am sooo funny- and Random i might add*

-looooooooool U shoud sue dem.

Yup i am on ma way down the stairs my private jet iz here landing soon.

I hav all ma bodygaurds an laywers ready.

An a office rready in tunis. (Tunisia)

B therr in a few.

N then i will hav a cup a tea wif ur prez n den maybe i will poison ivy him :).

I will trick him :)

-u come help us here.
mubarak will escap when gangesta come.

*pic of iPersia Gangxta Gyal. fixin' up her Pistola! :) in her Sa3udian Ni9ab :) . Daaaamn girl u even got ur nails did?? ya i even got ma nails did lol*****

Loool iPersia LA Gangsta Will arrive shortly @ da aiport in cairo.


 -lol waiting 4 u


Watch out for her :) she is quite dangerous 5a6r iz comin

mubarach I will rip him in pieces :)

Wif ma new AK 47

(posts a pic of gangsta iPersia gettin ready her pistola in a Sa3udi stylin' ni9ab ,wif her nails all did, an the new 1st lady 3baya lol)  

Comin' : LA Stylin' SHHOOOT Cholas comin' Thru i brought em all wif me... they da badest on the earth 7osniz gonna get it South Central BABY~!!!

   Comin' : Do They Look Bad O WAT!?!?!? they givin' u da mean muggin! u betta back down! these CATZ is BAAAAD to the BOONE!!!

 Comin' :   She ruff u up real bad she Ruff Rhydazzz

 Comin' :  u betta hand down ur prezidency cuz i be diggin' dat prezidential suit ima take for maself ya heaaard?!?!? ~1~

 Comin':  Haven't you heard we comin thru?!?! the whole dayumm block knowzz son!!!  *Marisela'z on da fone wif Obama :) bookin' a 1st class hahaha am sooo Random i know!!!****

 Comin'  + The Definition of Mean Muggin'

Comin' : These Cholas EYES!

again she be mean muggin' em down.. i tink 7osni mubarak will die jus from a stare :)

Comin' : SHHHHhhhhh!!!! Child i gotta secret to tell ya!!!

Comin' : YUP skool makes u smart SOOPER smart hehehe smarty pants... smarties pants looool

AND i got ma whole cholos and cholaz CREWS behind me


Lol i dont giv a damn

o wait

(posts a pic of attempting to give a damn)

-u know he lunched f 16 yesterday to scare us

Wat a douch!

Wat the douce!

Me no giv a dayum wat he do

I will shoot him up like the popo do


Plz take care no jumpin on tanks

now i kno u wan to

i can see it in ur eyes

me am fal slp  (ya3ni i am fallin asleep lol  jus incase u didnt get it o u too slow lol)

-ok and dw :)
talk soon inshallah.


(ya3ni insha'Allah iWorry lol)

 - :D *hug* (^_^)

*iPersia is on a private plane jet, no conection no service she cannot talk now @ da moment plz leave a msg after the tone msg by iW Bot*


I donno how to make tone without mic n u said no mic loool.

So here we gooo (*note 2 self* Gooaaaal *inside joke to maself *(^_^)*



(posts a pic of timone singin n dancin 7bh 7bh 3la 8lbi..)

 -lol i lie timon


loool jajjaja no!!!

i like timone

u lie timon loool


u even said it.

u lie timon

Copy Cat!!! trynna copy moi!!!

- u like bomba

how do u kno wat i like!?

U r in ma head!?


-Yes :D

Lol While ur up there
Plz upload
The whole Qur'an
wit soat صوت
hehe Cuz nxt week
I hav to حفظ
I hav emte7an امتحان
Lol Shei5 gonna get mad Me need to memorize 4th page of surat al baqarah

 -lol i will help u inshallah.

iPersia worrying too much sayin plz  don go 2 war misr.

(while crying wif her mascara runnin down her ni9ab and pullin on egypts sleeves, but whyyyy she cries!???) lol yup its turned into a best sellin novel of all times it was posted by the NEw York Times:

-Best Selling Novel of the year

<<<< see no lie lol jajajaja

Is a joke ppl calm down now plz -she states

Who states!?

iPersia state is the 53rd state of United States of Murrica (America in a southern grawl accent lahjeh :) ) am too random i hope i didnt eat ur mind up cuz i made corn soup n s tortilla chipz wif it az well... Tastes likes snakes n shark fin hmmmm me no like it ... Wat ju pour out in this brain maaaan!!! Das nuts

I guess dat makes me a hanibbal lol i mean canibbal hv u seen the movie!??? Talkin bout movies chk SAW in 3D is ma nxt post lol now bak 2 da subject of iworry convo w/ iDentimiro misto soup loooool yup misso soup japaneze korean soup mmmm wif thick noodles i guess am hungry loool but then thick noodles hmmm white off white dat does kinda resembles brain surgery hahaha kidin kidin kid kud jk lol i am in ma ADHD mood 2 day yesterday n tomorrow ps last night @ 5aleh Aminahz (my misri Gyptian 5aleh) i had da best bombest home made thick pasta espagetti. Mmmm wif brain meat balls looool jk they were tiny lil meat balls lol i guess wen i poured it in ma plate it did kinda resemble sometin we talked bout so i had 3 rounda cuz it waz soooo dayyuum Good lol masha'Allah tho she da best cook :) evaaaa me love long time!!! Me needs to get da recipi for them thick lookin noodles me love soooo much o so good. Me stop now.. In lowered voice me run outta battery ya lloll**********







☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆





me on a jApanes smiley fAces ramp

So don mind me now
Keep followin watchu was readin yo

In my gangsta ninja suit yup 3baya .

Then posts a pic of (pishi u no say we could not go in suitcase)


Das exactly wat my cat looked like :( sooo cute i gues i will always n forever hav an obsession wif cats :(

4min later


(sleepy face ZZzzz...)

was this conversation way too much for u??

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Comin' : Am out y'ALL finally now


an i swear am not on any drugs u can lab test me an im clean and i am muslimah so is 7aram to do drugs but i am high off my natural ADHD lol an i had capuccino tea 5 min ago but this post was done en el sob7 (in da mornin' Comin'  lol ) sooo yaaaa me love me long time today lol

me sooo LOCA today no wonder theyz callz me Persia La LOCA!! lol


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