Thursday, February 3, 2011

Persia's Adventures @ the Masjid during madresah

Bismi Ta3alla

Asalamou 3leichom y'aLL

Guess whoz bak... yes back again... shawty'z back tell a frnd .. Persia's bak Persiaz bak Persiaz back now tell a frnd loooooooool

so funny story i wish i couldve record it hahaa couldnt tho... i wish i could record me sayin it to u as it went down but i cant do dat niether loooool hahah 3ib hahahaha

i will type it out tho muhahahah

so basically am soooo funny... sometimes i make maself laugh lol al7mdulillah

u hav no idea wat i did today @ Madresah @ Masjid AL-Iman (Religous Dean class with the shei5 haha)

it was Hilarious, Spontanious an Priceless.

the whole class laughed for 5 min str8

even shei5 

was laughin...haha

it was gr8

so am makin a main blog about it haha

so like finally i got a chance to go to madresah right? actually go inside the classcuz the girls 

showed up basicaly wat happen was that i was kinda 

late , i showed up bout 1/2 an hour late, i see this 

older Persian Lady and her name is Iran (for respect 

we call she IRAN 5anoom, wich if persian/farsi means

lady so ya3ni az a recpect we do so) shes like 92 

masha'Allah n she really needed to see me i had to

like see her an stuff an it was kinda 3ib i couldnt jus

say "i gotta go now" cuz i showed up kinda late cuz i 

had school in the morning and then anyways when i 

left i showed up 1/2 an hour late to the madresah @

Al-Masjid Al-Iman and i look thru the window an i 

saw the girls was there which means the sisters 

showed up, so means i can go in also cuz if u are 

alone u cant go in since there is guys in class as well. 

and there was a whole bunch a guys an there was a 

whole bunch a girls sitting down (obviosuly 

seperated ), and i knock on the door an i walk in an 

really embaress cuz im late right? lookin' down on 

the floor u know show that i am embaress an then the

shei5z like "Assalamou 3leichom Sister" and am like

"Wa 3leichomo Ssalam Shei5".  and i just go an sit down. like go looking down and go sit.

and then there is this nice muslimah sister  (my frnd) and she's bout to read Qur'an cuz like shei5 he like tests us and stuff wif have to hefth/hefz (memorize by heart) surahs an stuff, and she goes an sits an its her turn to read Qur'an , so she's bout to read and she's like "Autho Billahee Min Ashaytanee Rajeem, "

And then all u hear iz : "IIIII catch a GRENADE FOOO YAAAA, I throw ma hand on aaaa blade fo yaaa, i jump infront of a traaaain 4 yaa..."  LIKE REALLY REALLY LOUD looooooool

yup iz ma phone ringin' 7aram . yes i kno lol bad an 3ieb yes i kno. but hilariously funny HAHAHAHA yes i kno .

and then OMA (Oh My Allah) that was sooooo embaressing loooooooooooooooool  my cell fone jus started ringin lol and i was like lookin for it... it waz soo 3ib cuz  jajajajaja cuz like aaah the shei5's sittin right there and i grab ma fone  and i like turn it off and then  the shei5 starts laughin (like smiling on the corner of his lips u can see him hahaah like u could see him laughin "on the verge of" wanting to burst out into laughter . and then the girl beside me " Annonymous friend" she was cryin from laughter!!!!

and the girl infront of me she was really like laughin REALLY hard  and one of the girlz (All ma girlz an friends :) by the way) so ya back to the subject one of the girls she's eatin a cookie an she like choked on the cookieee, spat it out, like she was laughin sooooo hard  and then at the end all the girls started laughin and they wouldnt STOP!

and then shei5 was like "Sisters Calm down, you need to stop laughin' " but he was laughin himself wich made it all the more funnier lol  and all the guys started laughin ...

now u can imagine the enviroment, it was orignaly totally sukut an ba 3adab before iPersia arrives lol and then LA Loca gets there an all hell breaks loose loooool

and then Poor miskeena "annoymous #1 girl who bout to recite Qur'an" she was readin Qur'an masha'Allah still, and like nobody was paying attention

and like everybody was laughin for like 5 min str8 until we ALL got in trouble , i was  trynna tell all the girls to like CALM down! i was like "STOP it!"  an they wouldnt stoooop... lol love dem. and then finally he like told us a hadeeth on like watever how like um guys shouldnt be laughin', girls shouldnt be laughin' , and how we'r not supose to be in the same room an all lol but there is no other choice in this tiny place in Americas lol watever it iz here is like different lol

AAAAND then he gave us another hadeeth on like how music is 7aram looooooooooooool  and i was like sooooo embaressed lol cuz ma ring tone was ballin' it was obviously a song looool and i listen to music like everybody else at al-madresah cuz all the girls know 2pac an Biggie's small's lyrics they be bumpin' it hard like a G 6 like a like a G 6 loooooooool cuz we are insan right loooool cuz we dooooo stupid things sometimes lol right . but at least we repent make to3bah and make salat an du3a an say Dhikr an read an recite Qur'an and hefz it also :) insha'Allah those things will help us in the other donya insha'Allah, Ameen.


soooo um... like and now am making a blog about it... cuz like everybody in madresah already knows wat happen today  (it was FUNNY) except beside some one "anonymous # 3 who missed it due to we know wat loooool lazyness looooooool" well girlfriend  u missed the drama it was soooooooo funny!!!

By the way above foto is one of ma Bef Day Bday cardz from ma Bday dat jus passed away :) jan 6th baby!!! yaaaay :) i be rockin' it!! das exactly moi loooool

 ****Note : it says Aaaaaah,
                                   the drama.... ****

                           "iPersia @ the Masjid "

***EXCEPT OBVIOSLY ma hair was covered lol and ma chin :) 5leeji style iknow :) i am stuck in 5leeji mode , u can take the 5lijiyyah out of al-5aleej al-farsi but u cant take the 5leejinism out of a khaleeji farsiyyah looooooool if that made a lil sence.... Aaaaah the drama... lol ***

but ya i kno be ballin' us Capiz (CapricorÑas area def centre of attention weather we want it or not, wether we like it or not looool holla ballaa

hala hala wallah

am out now.


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