Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mubarak'z gone yaaay!!! doush face lol

Bismi Ta3alla

Asalamou 3leichom @ ALL for reading or viewing my blog


guess what !! after almost 20 days (18 to be exact) BUDDY decides its time to leave after he killin an murdering all these incocent ppl as the world watched it go by live as in re-living the IRAN struggle from last year..

i mean DAYUMMMM took u that long to realize u was dumb?? an now u bounce!! get out now for i kick u like a soccer ball an u land in a country like Brazil were erebody be playin u like a soccer ball heeeheeehee :)

:P anywhoo

here is ....




drum RRRrrrolll


P@rty @ Tahrirs sQuare lol

Scenes from Tahrir Square: The Revolution Victorious

what do u think masri victori dance look like?? wel u jus saw it lol quite awsome like awsomeness..
if u ask me...

look @ the beautiful happy faces of Masriiz celebrating  i wish i was there also celebrating wif u guys i LOVE u from AFAR!!! WALLAHE i do!!! i love u guys sooo much!!!

look @ the joy look at the energy look at the celebration!!! GOOOO MASRIZ! u did it!! masha'Allah masha'Allah masha'Allah me love u looong time!!! :)

anywhoo  we love u EGYPT and we watchin u from a FAR an partieng also lol for u .. who does like a nice sweet victori dance loool with an egyptian flag on it HOLLAAA BALLA!!!

so like jus to refresh ur minds an spirits..

Sub7an Allah


look wat happened jus a few days ago when they thugs an criminals took over masr.. the kurupt government an dowlat... hmm....

Ya Allah plz help us all.. we are helpless compared to u, plz guide us to right path an hefth uz ya3ni protect us. an shows us whats wrong or right. Ameen.

so the next vid is very moving very graphic be aware

ya Allaaaaah sub7an Allah this makes ma body shiver, makes ma blood run fast thru ma veins an makes me sooo upset ya i cant beliveve this was happenin!!! am al7mdullah al-rab 3lamin!!! is gone! done!! but .... so many ppl we lost
:( why !?!?!?! why did this need to happen??

well Bas Al7mdullah it iz all gone an is new begining now
lets all start by a Autho'Billahe min aShay6ani Rajeem

Bismillahe Ara7mane Ra7eem

Tahrir Square Cairo Egypt Recent dramatic scenes VERY MOVING

a revolution has happened an i been watchin since the one i cant quite imagine what it would be like if same happened for IRAN one day insha'Allah... but wow... masha'Allah this is amazing!!! makes me jus burst into tears... i kno i am emotional person already but this is definitly their time to shine!!! GGGOOO EGYPT!!! WE LOVE U!!!

well am out for now y'all


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