Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crisis in Egypt 7 days non-Stop

Bismillahe Al-Ra7mane Al-Ra7im

ألسلام عليكم ورحمه الله

Subjecto: Crisi in Misr for past 8 days now (counting as 2day the 8th)

Saba7 al nour

Shokran jazeelan wallahe n jazakalla 5eiran insha'Allah for all the ppl who made do3a today for misr n all misris egyptians

Plz if u r as to clueless as wat iz goin on in egypt right now plz feel free to msg me

An i will gladly direct u to a link that will explain show video of sceneray of cairo being right now n disturbin pictures

Remember wat happen with Iran last year as the world watched Neda being shot directly to the heart... Young inocent ppl are dying

Plz open ur eyes and arms an hearts n raise a hand to make Do3a for egypt at this time of need in crisis mode

I get diff responces by diff ppl:

Eye owe u egypt:

YEs U r Right...

We Don't have anything But "doa'aa"..

اللهم عجل بالنصر والسلم والسلام

And iPersia says:

Yes wallahe that is the least we can do... Is to make Do3a...

Shokran jazeelan "eye owe u"

And king david bc says:

نعم وحقا الله اكبر

Allah : ربنا یحفظ المصر ! آمین.

today there was more than a million ppl on the streets of cairo, no ones backing down. popo has escaped. they are scared. ppl from jail have escaped cuz no popo to watch em . popo ya3ni police . 

protestors an the wierd som odd ppl who are protectin the stupid regime of 7osni mubarach had wild wars like with horses and camels fightin wif each other ol school style like u see in Prince of Persia movie,

ya cr8zy . 3 ppl dead az they say wich i think is fake i think prolly like 103 ppl died cuz that makes no sence an 1000 ppl were injured... in TV in north america here an in USA here says like 125 were killed in this 8 days only an only 250 thou ppl showed up on the block yesterday! wat FOOLS is this a joke there was more than a milli ppl out on the blocks 2 nights ago. so what they downsizes to 250 G yesterday all sudden like wat the douce!!?? are u fo real?!?!? we need lil stewie to cuss em out right now an bring  his machine guns an evil twin n get rid of mr mubarach ya i said it mubarach NOT mubarak cuz the dude so gay! he say take him 8 month to bak down!! wat a douch! why not now! we want him gone NOW!!! NOW!! al'an!!! الآن ! get out buddy!!! أرحل الآن!!!!!!! do u not hear me!!?? or u want me to take ma shoe off toO!?!? i will kick u like a soccer ball u aint neva felt befor! get out take a privater jet plane to space cuz aint no body want u on this earth yo!!! dont u get it!??!?!?!

*this is kinda wat it looks like in misr (egypt) right now....ya its a mess*******

i swear he doesnt get it Wallahee...

he think by cuttin tv radio internet phone calls an inside phones even clsoing banks an malls ppl gonna bak down... were u think the muslim brothet hood wasnt gonna show up?? ya they did an supplied food too n we all found out bout it... look wat uv done to ur country, uv caused a caios an big mess... das all... now fix it! by gettin out!!!

u are causing me stress!!! we aint even there . i aint even from mirs and  i am feelin the pain all ova!!! cuz it happen in IRAN las yr!! but iranian ppl hav no power ... the regime ayatullahz always win.. the hezbollah got a control over em with the serious basijis who shoot inocent ppl who don got on hijab... yo misr aint like that!

and now look at yemen... an al ordon. jordan... cr8zy.. and tunis did all 3 weeks ago.. and like... omg ... KSA is next....

dang the middle east has reached is crisis mode... mid east is begning to pop.... look what is happenin.... damaaaaaaamnnnnnn

tooo much drama 4 ma taste i like me a simple country. an look what uv done to my dear middle east i love so much.

and not jus misr , all misriz around the world are goin wild too ... infront of embassies..

Despite the bitter cold weather, Egyptians and their supporters once again demonstrated outside the London embassy in support of the massive uprising in Egypt, against those holding power for the past three decades. London, UK. 28/01/2011

ya das right buddy picked da fone up an called our prez. Obama an Obama for once did the right thing in misr. even tho me love Obama he was messin up about middle east still not takin troops out for some reason from iraQ

so here we go.. a 30 min conversation an after Obama calls him up bak n he like :"Yo buddy! buddy! u needs to calms the ish down na wat am sayin?? "

Go Obama i wanna come an personaly shake ur hand now! go Obama : "Yes We Can!!" Love ma PREZ now!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mubarak: photoshopped

Look what Al-Ahram newspaper did.  They photoshopped a picture of Obama and the other Middle East leaders in the White House to show Mubarak in the front of the group.  Compare:

Yup 7osni Mubarach really does looks like a blogfish loooool

              Fox News Middle East map fail

 Funny as hell thought i should post it! hahaha FOx news a5bar deifnitly fails the middle east map test hahahahahha

Fox News puts Egypt in Iraq's place.
When Fox News makes a “mistake” in one of its on-screen graphics, there’s usually a clear agenda in evidence. But on Monday, Fox’s Live Desk presented a map of the Middle East with Egypt taking Iraq’s place between Syria and Iran. Other than not wanting to remind viewers how the Bush Administration mucked things up in Iraq, there seems to be little reason why Fox would be motivated to wipe the country off the map.
In this case, it appears that Fox News staffers simply need a geography lesson. We’ve only been occupying the country for how many years now?

Read more:
hilarious das all i can say
how smart are the REAL Americans hahahaha they da smRT ones too looool
yup SMRT lol

heres REAL middle EAST map for y'all who still donno waz goin on hahahaah

mus be americanized yo lol

*Note only part of turkey can be considred middle east maybe .01% of it, since hijab an 3bayaz an mullaz are ilegal there to wear islamic clothes/ attire. since turkey in middle east itself we dont count it as middle east cuz is part of europe.*

 heres a lil break

lol he said he likes the Brooklyne Dodgers baseball team!!! hahaahah if u cr8zy for baseball like i am as an AMERICAN :) not a Canadian even tho am dual citizenship hahaha but i stil consider maself more Americanized the Canadianized lololol anywhoo. u would kno dat the dayum Dodgers  be from ma STATE LA! hollAAAAAA! goo Manny Ramirez who is now from Boston Red Sox moved all the way there few yrs now like 3 an he also did a whole bunch a drugs an got caught an tried to say sorry on national TV an on his personal Myspace page to his fans an wife an kids for brining them hopes down lol ;p holla go manny Ramirez he does it the EL Dominicano Way hahaaha

omg is dat 7osni mubarak talkin in manny ramirezz ear?? woa maybe lol sure do look like him
heres the newest Mona Lisa painting stolen from Misr (Egypt) musumes
when they broke into was stolen from PARIS lol


inside joke** so plz dont ax lol

 *Note: the 3rabic text translation: says who needs government, I AM Governmetn* 

-thnx to iDentist for translations lol i didnt even notice.

stand there lil puppy. yes lil baby soldier. infront of the popo . ya he stronger dan em!!! go toy soldiers are better than real ones.  cuz u kno he'd be a dayum fool to shoot one an he trained his lil army soldiers to shoot kids an babies the first day of the protest. ... he did amazing! he is soooo goin to hell... 4 killin all em inocent pplz.

see even 7osni mubarach made sponge bob mad dat he hadda go an get his lil shomagh/kufiyyah an represent his madness for the evil buisness goin down in massssr (egypy) n masriss....

plz watch video below: day of anger in masr

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