Saturday, February 12, 2011

on a positive note :) wear ni9ab wen ready...

                                                 بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمـَنِ الرَّحِيم

السلام عليكم

ما شاء الله
ما شاء الله
ما شاء الله

on a positive note about ni9abs and bur9a3z .. y'all should know all women supose to dress properly acording to the sunna and Islam.

Each person is actualy born a muslim, the baby is born muslim, it's up to the parents to raise them the way they want to and up until 10 yrs old a kid wont be judged by Allah SWT on youm-El-Qiyamah wich is The Day of the Judgment.

But after 10 yrs old. we all get judged... like we are aware of our own actions.... amazing sub7an'Allah and we will be asked for everything we have ever done that was wrong.

see a 45 day old baby is aware of all HIS body parts , at 45 days he knows not to hurt himself as in stick his finger in his eyes by accident hurt his face on purpose etc.. ya3ni not on purpose (3mdan) he might  trip or fall cuz he is JUST learnin how to walk crawl etc an all as a baby... but he wouldnt want to hurt himself by himself , he will try to ignore that matter.

So this leads to the fact that why we get judged @ 10 yrs old cuz we are at this age.. aware of all of our actions.... each ones own . i mean obvisouly Allah Sub7ana Wa Ta3alla will judge each person acording to what they'v gone thru ETC... we donno how each person will get judged but the rule is equal for all of us.

see each women is actually supose to dress with hijab an some shei5z actualy say ni9ab is wajeb (necessary) but we might be wrong we donno. but each tribe does it different u see. like some places the ni9ab is worn even by men because of the sand storms that a person dont want to get sand in their eyes...

anyways... look at a few beautiful fotos masha'Allah , may Allah Bless them :) Ameen.

ما شاء الله
ما شاء الله
ما شاء الله

ما شاء الله
ما شاء الله
ما شاء الله

sooo cool this is Jasmine and Aladdin!!!! yay in Hijabs looks like a movie cartoon in IRAN lol jajaa an also like notebooks

أريد فقط العودة الى الايام الخوالي. عندما كان كل ما في وموافق، وعندما كنت مجرد طفل. عندما كان لي على الاطلاق اي قلق في العالم. عندما لم يكن لدي أي فكرة عما متاعب الحياة والمحن وسوف تجلب لي.
 I jus want to return to those days :( why cant we jus turn bak time like the way in Prince of Persia he would with the sand in the Dagger 5njer. Persian 5njer...
anyways  i guess all we hav left to do now is to...make Toubah ( The Repentance). i Guess it aint the same and only Allah decides who actually choses to get the repentance or not an stays with it. masalan.. um... ok so u do something 7aram... and then u realize this is nahs an bad an u wanna make taubeh u do it and insha'Allah it works  u jus hope an pray, and make Do3a (wich i shall tell u how to do taubah in a nother blog insha'Allah) anyways. but if u go bak to the same ol' same ol' Routine... u c... um...u kno that little black hole in ur heart 9alb القلب that was there from the first time u did someting        7arami and u was doin taubeh in the first place for it, well that lil tiny black hole sizes matter depends on how bad the incident was.. anwyays that black whole after a second time of u returnin to that sin will get larger an larger and blacker an blacker u need to make taubeh an also u need to leave quite it stop it stop doin it an jus goo on wif ur life and obviously pray do all ur Namaz an 5 times Salat per day :)
anywhoo... thats on a positive not that ni9abs an bur9a3z an hijabz look awsome on women the proper way ofcorse lol not the "last blog creepy wierdo ol man muslimah wannabe ish" anywhoo..
ya soooo all ladies should consider it :) cuz that is way is pose to be :)
ok take care

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