Saturday, April 16, 2011

J.Lo : One of My Favorite ppl on earth

Bismi Ta3allaaa

Assalamou Aleichi ya u5ti :P


I must share my special interest in J.Lo :P and her her an style an Boricua ness :$ really adore J.Lo.

and always have :D

heres a few fun pix

I super much adore this foto

of j.Lo way bak in da day wen she use to be a spokes person for LV (Louis Vuitton) in french accent definitly dont attempt to say looweeez vetan is so lame say it the proper way : loo wee , vo'to'n (nassel sound :P)

love Frenchies 3>

(((((PS amazin eye make up huh?? so super ballin.. i love how they tainted her eyebrowns to brownie kinda orangie an gave that tinge a amber with strut  shinin a light right thru her pupils am diggin it. and that BLACK eye ko7l (kohl) definitly stands out and also the white powder make up super cute n clean nude lips jus lip baLM no shine... gives it the nice plumpy kinda real natural feeling. and i love the pointy 5leeji style of the eye linder totally Persian Arabic Gulf style. and that eye liner gives u dat FIERCE look :) of a WOMAN hehehe wat am i talkin bout lol o ya... lost ma train of thoughts... they went from london to paris lol ... my train of thoughts did lol

and i must say the black leather gloves show her strenght an power an that cute bum LV bracelet i want it sooooo bad. id fight J.Lo for it loooool :P i kno id win cuz shes sucha  DIVAAAA she'd b like ooo no no stop lol jajajaja ))))

anway whoo da reason she had to up an leave this high class line was dat she use to take the stuff like at a modeling session, she was given a rack of clothes an bags an purses an etc an she was supose to try an the LV photography team would decide wich outfit goes best, and take fotos... but J.Lo would decide after each session she jus asumed all the stuff on rack was hers.... DIVA dat she is.. she would take it home...

first few times, the LV team and management was 2 embaress to say some.. cuz c'mon is J.Lo!!! but ... u know

they finaly did... and it was da end of the sweet deal wif J.Lo too bad cuz she was hot an classy @ same time in LV foto shoots i loved it.

I absolutly adore this one.. so fresh an so clean clean

soft touch of baby pink shades white an flowrs.. love it . need more 2 say?

Totally Latina Borinquen strong PuertoRiQueÑa lookin chica here love it. FIERCE! g o J. L o :P

Absolutly love her glazed out sunkissed tan lookin make up am diggin da pinky gold blush set and also love the eye make up so soft yet so elegant in the evening light

PS her awsome eye contacts adds a lil spark (spaaaaWK = spark said in english accent tone lol more POSH an CLASSY soundin lol)

i love da head tilted to da side.. love the hair do up.. love da classy an simple earrings...

J.Lo aged perfectly.. she has all the right lines and wrinckles in the right spots.. so nice . love u Jay! u hot mama dazzle lol weeeeePaAAAA!


* So inLoB *

O.M.G.!!! need i more 2 say?? daaaaaaayuuum .. this love bird couple so damn in love.. wish one day wen i get married  b like this... super happy.. an inlove... u can see how much they love each other an he sure as hell definitly caters  to her needs in every possible way.

* Boricuas in LoB *

OMG J.Lo the Good Ol' Ghetto Days :D loved it holla bak youngin woo woo holla bak love the bamboo jennifer earings an her big nice smile soo nice masha'Allah  i really don wana 3in she :P

man i love this foto... so mature lookin an the nude and dark colors soo nice together... an her nude lipstick soo cute it does hav a touch of amber rose to it tho. love them cute em earings :D mi diggin' she's stylin' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO J.Lo.

Love the BAZAAR magazine jus had to put it up there this is how Jenny from the Block use to always look  like her famous O SO Natural Look :P

(((BAZAAR is a Persian Word for a market place thats outside :D like all malls an markets like Bodegas in spanish :P )))))

I Love this foto!!!  so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L . I Absolutly adore it ... her hair.. his smile.. her smile.. his haire.. man their so perfectly made for each other ... masha'Allah

am so glad she married him hes soo loving an caring and am sooo glad she's kids are full PUERRO RICAN lol *Fijate k no dije Puerto Rican lol*


there is one part of this foto bothers me lol but das cuz am da biggest frikkin ADHD nerd eva lol i noticed everythin and lil stuff bother mee

now pay atention *even tho is da hardest thing for me to do loooooooool "paying atention dat iz" *

behind her ear ... there is a whiet spot... huge one.. looks like some one missed the fake tanner on that spot is white other spots nice orangey glowi tan loool an we all kno JLo's  a tan freak loooooool she already admited it lol

cuz shes like in naturaly light normal skin tone @ least 2 shades lighter than her husband mr Marco Anotnio or as say in english Marc Anthony

I love this hair do, this simple make up, this beautiful green aqua ee darker aqua ee color... nice earings. omg love it...

No one, No one , Noooo wwwwaaaaaaaaooooooaaaoon, can look good in a ropey 3baya lookin outfit (sing it alont with A. Keyz No one song tone lol excpet exchange lyrics lol) but yes only she can pull it off!!! beautiful color .. only on her. masha'Allah

I had to posy this one... i like it but i dont @ same time ill tell u why an all ma reasoning an the daleel is been posted last... wel u c i like the bright red lipstick color on her for sure... everythin is fine... like is ok... i jus dont like the too much whitening powder under her eyes..

makes her look all funky an stuff

and thats why this pic's on da bottom a ma list lol/// i start from best @ top. just like u J.Lo. ur best AND top in the entertainment Bizz :P

loB Ju


ciao Bellaaaaaaaaas

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