Thursday, April 14, 2011



Salamon 3leichom all

Sho a5baraj all ma ladies :$???

i hardly doubt men read this cr8zy ADHD Muslimah Girly Fashionista Persian Website looool

 but if u do oops ya maybe u dooo Assalamon 3leichom to all y'all too!!!

man guess wat am listening  to??? awsome music de la club1FM.Reggaton

click on above :$

es "Ahora Hay Otro En mi Vida" de la Factoria de la musica de Panama

so BOMB n chill n relaxin me love this song...

felt comin an doin a damn blog

cuz i had blood circulation problems i always have problems sittin down an my legs an other body  parts go numb n in pain i hav to strech n relax an i leave wateva am doin for a bit so i can relax em...

goin DR 2mor for it to get some meds to fix it. is killin me :( insha'Allah gets betta Amin

AAAy Dios Mio...

My triple AAA batteries for ma stupid speakers jus dropped on me.. wat a wacko... now i have to listen ma Reggaeton Radio real low :( not cooL

 aaaaaa y'all make Do3a for me  :( my blood circulation is messed up n am in real pain now das why am bloggin tryna forget bout it

but it aint helpin :(

shoooooooooooooooot it hurtin sooo damn bad  :((

i was gonna sit here an tell u bout ma shoppin spree amazing day wif Miz D. but it aint look like it gonna work


maybe later???

i was gonna tell u bout all ma shoppin spree an fun stuff an from da start.... 


maybe later

ciao am out yalla


*PS i might sound so hype n stuff n happy n loca @ all times but das only because i have ADHD hyper activness is in me cant b taken out... so like even am depress an not in good mood i still am like really hyper .. an might b laughin even id be cryin n like in pain .... an now is one a dem moments like i have sooooooooooomuch to say n write about ma amazin awsome day but it aint happenin cuz ma blood is retarted right now :( 

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