Friday, April 15, 2011

Shy Ronnie Part 1 & 2 SNL Lonely Island lol

Salam to all

taba chekiando algunas cosas. y pense k quiero enseÑal a todo el mundo estos pal de videos porq son muy muy graciosos . weno para mi k es asi . y me da risa Dique me muero de reir jajaja ye me rei bastante ya

ps no digo na mas

boy a dejal k ustedes los ven y k se critiquen ustedes mismos jajjajaja

esto es Shy Ronnie y Rihanna de SNL *(Saturday Night Live)*

k son muy funny

watch for urselfes came across a few funny vidz wanted to share :$
here is de damn link for it.. the embedding on this nice clear video was disabled by request wich results in gayness so ama have to like do it up a diff level 

shnuzzel shnuzell


here we goo

heres da linkskies

but i shall find another vid link to replace it so u could jus click play but it aint as clear anyways

not as clear but o well

for all ma lazy peeps lol here we go

here is da other one called lonely island go SHY RONNIEEEEEEEE lol

so funny i kno .. u thought i jeezed ma pants laughin didnt u lol nope i think u did tho muajajajajajaja

outside joke lalalalala

am out ma3assalamaaa

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