Friday, April 15, 2011

ma fav Filipinos (Philipinos) MoyMoy PalaBoy jajajaja


wuttup y'alll


so ya i came across these Hilarious piece a art brothers from the heart of the Philipines...

Sub7an Allah... only started their videos at their ghetto a$$ home in the Ghetto n became super stars an ballin' now////

Allah SWT gives ppl their money

and certainly they was given it

they did nada especial like me an u couldnt do...

jus had fun wif it

lipsynching super hilarious awsome ways 

i love dem

i think they are awsome

now they are amazingly famous

i could go they concert an watch em make a fool outta demselves 

their sooo damn funny\\

and the big brotha wif da Gangtsa Tattoo on his arm with old english print on it who has hes hair buzzed off 

sooooooooooooo frikkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin cute!!! i kno i kno dont tell me\\\

i kno eva since Bruno Mars stepped out an came out to the block...

2 ma block in LA

he like made it way open for Philipinos jajaa

PS iv always had a thang for Boricuas .. always wanted get married a Coqui n live in PR for rest a ma life lol since i was like a teenager 16 i believe or 15.. muajajaja


is all good

but damn Bruno sure as hell is outta dis world Mars Lol

made me hav a thang for lookin from a far lol to dem PILIPINOS "ya fijate " ya pay atention PILIPINOS lol NOT Filipinos looooooooooooool


here is MoyMoy PlayBoy with Marimar
a  TV Series theme song lol but the song is marimar de thalia (mexicana singer)

pretty awsome an funny


 noW T3LL mE HoW YoU Lik3 IT


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